Monday, May 25, 2015

Make Recyled Water Bottle Garden Art

While I almost exclusively use my refillable water bottle to drink from, I occasionally find myself with a leftover disposable one on my hands. 

If you have leftover water bottles, you and your kids can turn them into pretty yard art with a few simple supplies. 

As an added bonus, it will help your kids with their scissor skills as well (you know, in a productive way).


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Find the directions online at CBC Parents: Water Bottle Wind Spirals.

Don't have time to read the instructions now? Save it for later by pinning it now!

 Make Recycled Water Bottle Garden Art

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  1. These are so darn cute and they'll help to keep the raccoon off my patio awning. Thank you so much! Love ya' Patricia B

  2. I haven't tried this kids craft yet, but its definitely on my to do list. We are making a wall hanging for the yard and I think this would be perfect.

  3. I made these a couple of years ago with my grandchildren. Beautiful, but the permanent markers faded after 3 days. Any suggestions to keep the color?

    1. I would try a sealer like Outdoor Mod Podge or a clear coat spray


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