How to Make a Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are super trendy this year. I totally get the appeal - I love the idea of creating inviting little spaces for garden fairies to lounge in. I suppose they are kind of like beneficial insects - minus the carnivorous bug eating?

If you want to get in on the fairy garden trend, no need to be scared. Simple fairy gardens are very easy to put together by yourself or with kids. Come see how I made mine! 


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Step 1: Plant
Plant your flowers around the perimeter of the pot, leaving a space for the bridge. Keep in mind that your plants will grow so don't pack them in too tightly!

Step 2: Glass
Add the seaglass to the center to create a patio area.

Step 3: Add accessories
Add your swing to the patio and the bridge to the edge of the pot leading into the patio area.

Step 4: Water beads
After the video was done, I added some expanded water beads. Not only do they look cool because they look like bubbles, but they will help keep moisture in the soil and make it easier to keep the plants alive and happy without flooding the garden.

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