How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

How to make a DIY birthstone bracelet - what a great gift idea for my mom!

Hi, everybody! I'm Paige from Little Nostalgia (blog no longer active) and I'm really excited to share a jewelry tutorial with you today. We're quickly rolling into Thanksgiving and it's time to get some gifts made so they can go under trees and into stockings. We're all busy so I'll get right to it: this bracelet is fast, easy, cute, and customizable. I used my birthstone (blue topaz) and a sapphire blue that I WISH was my birthstone instead, but you can personalize with any color your recipient will like. You can also combine birthstones if you have this in mind for a mom or grandma. It could also be a friendship bracelet! See? So many gift-giving possibilities. Let's get to the tutorial.


How to make a bracelet - supplies


Step 1: 
Let me tell you a secret: sometimes beads are strung onto leather instead of plastic, and they are your friend. For jewelry-making newbies, finding a strand that's already on leather will make it even easier to use the end caps later.  (It will also save time because you won't have to re-string them yourself. Boom.)

Wrap the beads around your arm to see how long your bracelet should be. Remember that the end caps and clasp will add some length; the ones shown here added 1". Remove the extra beads and cut the leather to the right length, leaving about 1/4" hanging out.

Remove the extra beads and cut the leather to the right length, leaving about 1/4" hanging out.

Step 2: 
Slide the extra leather into the open end caps like so:

How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

And using the needle-nose pliers, fold each side down toward the middle. You'll be left with a metal burrito squeezing the leather. Repeat for the other side.

how to make a simple diy birthstone bracelet

Step 3: 
Jump rings! This is the part that people assume will be fiddly and terrible, but it's not. If you've never opened one before, hold the ring with one set of pliers on each side and gently move them in opposite directions. The ring will open and you can slide it onto the end cap like this:

Add the clasp and then holding the ring with both sets of pliers again, move the ends toward each other until they close. Ta da! Now do the same thing for the other side of the clasp, or you won't technically have a bracelet.

How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

Step 4: 
Now to personalize! Grab one of your headpins and add a bead.

How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

Use the rounded pliers to bend the tail at a 90-degree angle. Depending on the size of your bead, you may or may not need to snip off some extra length. I cut mine to about 3/8" because my beads were pretty small.

How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

Step 5: 
Take the rounded pliers and bend the tail backwards to make a loop. You may have to practice this part a few times. I recommend starting with the pliers at the very end of the tail and using your other hand to stabilize as you bend. (Obviously, I couldn't take a picture of this part because eyeball cameras don't exist yet and my hands were full.)

Once you have a loop, hook it onto the jump ring and use the pliers to bend it shut. 

How to Make a Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet

Repeat for the other bead(s) and you're done! You can shower everyone with jewels!

You know what I like about this bracelet, aside from the ease of its assembly? It looks like it was difficult to make. Everyone will be so impressed when (if?) you tell them you made it yourself. Happy gift-giving!

How to make a DIY birthstone bracelet. An easy DIY gift tutorial - perfect for your mom, sister, aunt, bridesmaids or grandmother.

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Paige Ronchetti is an interior decorator and blogger who writes about DIY projects, decor inspiration, and personal style over at Little Nostalgia (blog no longer active). When she's not blogging, she's working with local clients through The Room Kit, her budget-friendly interior design business. Her favorite books are Harry Potter. Follow along on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

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