Anthropologie Wanderlust Globe Inspired Christmas Ornament

Anthropologie has a beautiful collection of funky cool globes in their Wanderlust collection. With the help of a mini globe Christmas ornament and Elmer's paint pens, I was able to make my own DIY knock off.  

The great thing about this tutorial is that you could do the exact same thing with a full size globe - just skip the part about hanging it on the tree!

Here is my inspiration globe from Anthropologie:


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Step 1: Paint the water black
Follow the instructions on the pen to get the paint flowing. Use the black paint pen to trace the outline of the continents. To make it easier to handle, I popped my globe out of its stand. As you trace, you can fill in the ocean, too. I really love how truly opaque the paint is so I didn't need to go back and do a second coat.

Once the oceans were all painted black, I popped the ball back in the stand to dry.

Step 2: Paint the continents turquoise
Once the oceans were dry, I used the turquoise pen the trace the outlines of the continents and fill those in as well. 

Step 3: Add holiday platitude
I chose "Peace on Earth" for mine. I think "Joy to the World" would be a great option here as well. Just use the gold paint pen to write your favorite saying. I practiced on some scratch paper before doing it on the globe.

Step 4: Hang it up
Set it down to dry one more time before hanging it on your tree!

About the Author: 

Carissa is a lifelong crafter and DIY enthusiast. A green lifestyle expert, she often incorporates recycled elements into her designs and chooses non-toxic supplies whenever possible. She believes that living a greener lifestyle doesn't have to be drab and boring but can beautiful, tasty and fun!
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  1. This is adorable! Well done! Also one of my online business friends creates big versions of these for weddings. Here shop is


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