Best Creative Cocktail Recipes to Impress Your Friends

christmas and holiday cocktail recipes
I love creative cocktails. Frou frous drinks that others might classify as "girly" are absolutely my favorite. Christmas and New Years are the perfect time to experiment with cocktail recipes. Whether you are trying a different approach to the classic mojito recipe or something totally new like champagne punch, when you use these Christmas cocktail recipes all your friends will be impressed!

It's easy to keep your bar stocked with some basics like vodka, rum, juice, soda and limes so that you are always ready to whip up one of these popular cocktail recipes.

If you have a favorite holiday cocktail recipe that I missed in this post, be sure to drop a link to it in the comments!

Enjoy the cocktails on this list but please drink responsibly!

best cocktail recipes for parties at Christmas and New Year's Eve

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grapefruit champagne punch
New Year's Eve Champagne Punch
from A Spicy Perspective

blood orange and thyme paloma cocktail recipe
Blood Orange and Thyme Paloma
from The Life Styled

spicy hibiscus christmas mojito cocktail recipe

Spiced Hibiscus & Cranberry Mojitos
from Pineapple & Coconut

campagne punch bellini cocktail recipe
from Crazy for Crust

from The Daily Meal

cranberry margarita cocktail recipe for thanksgiving and christmas
Cranberry Margarita Recipe
from The Domestic Superhero

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