Easy Valentine's Day Jar Candle Holder

I'm slowly plugging away decorating the mantle in the The Farmhouse. It started with my "I Love You to the Moon and Back"  rustic picture frame and is slowly growing from there. Right now I have a huge mirror and three picture frame and thought I needed to a add a jar with a candle. When I was at IKEA last week, I saw this Ensidig fat glass vase and decided it would be perfect! Some lima beans, a doily, baker's twine mixed in and five minutes later I had a pretty candle holder! Here's how to make it:


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Step 1: 
Use a small piece of tape to secure the doily to the front of the vase.

Step 2: 
Wrap the pink twine around the jar several times, ending by tying a bow in front of the doily.

Step 3: 
Add lima beans to fill the bottom 2 inches of the vase

Step 4: 
Add the votive candle on top of the lima beans, pressing down to nest it in the beans a bit.

That's it! Easy peasy!

About the Author: 

Carissa is a lifelong crafter and DIY enthusiast. A green lifestyle expert, she often incorporates recycled elements into her designs and chooses non-toxic supplies whenever possible. She believes that living a greener lifestyle doesn't have to be drab and boring but can beautiful, tasty and fun!
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