How to Recycle Used Wine Corks into a Rustic Bulletin Board

So you drink wine. As a result you have a lot of wine corks. But what do you DO with them? I've written before about some adorable wine cork pendants (check that out here) but if you have a LOT of corks, you can up you recycling game even more and make a really cool bulletin board with them!

Check it out:

Want to make a wine cork bulletin board of your very own? Let's get started!


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Step 1: Lay out corks
The very first thing you need to do is experiment with the layout and how you think the corks look best together. I ended up liking a basket weave pattern with 2 rows of 4 corks running horizontally and then 2 rows of 4 corks running vertically (shown). Lay your corks out on your table or place that makes it easy to manipulate them.

Step 2: Make a Background
Use your saw and nail gun to put together a simple pallet background with used fence boards or barn wood. Ours extends about 6 inches beyond the edge of the corks on the sides and 4 inches above and below. I apologize that there isn't a tutorial for this part of the project but I'm assuming if you have a saw and a nail gun that you know how to use them and can throw together something simple like this.

This is what the back looks like:

Step 3: Transfer the corks
Once your board is built, transfer your corks to the board and make sure they are laid out EXACTLY how you want them.

Step 4: Glue
Once your corks are in place, you will need to glue them down one at a time. For this part you need to use a HIGH TEMP glue gun and PRO STRENGTH hot glue sticks. Trust me on this part - if you want your bulletin board to last for a long time do not use cheap glue sticks or a low temp gun. 

Step 5: Enjoy!
Once the glue is set, you are good to go to enjoy your new bulletin board!

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