Our Easy Dragonvale Birthday Party

Do  your kids love Dragonvale? 

One of my son's favorite games of all time to play on the iPad is Dragonvale. Dragonvale is a kid-friendly game (that adults love, too!) where you get an island full of dragons and you send different dragon combinations to a breeding cave to make new types of dragons. Then you feed and take care of your dragons to help them grow. Your dragons also compete in races, quests and other fun games. Overall it's a blast and I might even love playing it as much as he does.
(want to play? Download Dragonvale for Android here or iPhone here)

All that to say: When it was time to pick a theme for his sixth birthday party, K wanted a Dragonvale themed party (check out our previous party themes here). As much as I love meticulously crafted, "Pinterest perfect" parties I must be getting old because I just don't have the time and patience to spend 40 hours making crafts for parties any more. 

Luckily I found some dragon party supplies at Party City that were perfect and together with some other simple supplies put together this super fun party. In fact, I think it was my least time intensive but ALSO most fun party to date! #winning

Super Realistic but Super Fun Dragon Party Ideas!


As cool as Dragonvale is, it's nowhere near as popular as Frozen or other party themes with lots of invitation templates so I had to make these myself. To make them, I found the graphic that has all the dragons in it and added it to the top of a half page Publisher document and just added the pertinent party info and printed them on cardstock. Easy peasy.

Free Choice Activities

One of the best things about having a party in a park is that it comes with built in entertainment when it has a playground. When our friends arrived, they could go play on the playground or they could use the activity stations we had set up. We had three different craft stations:

Decorate a Bag
The goal of the bags was to not only give the kids a way to express themselves artistically, but to also give them a place to put the other crafts they would make at the party.
Supplies Used:

Paint a Dragon Egg
One of the fun things you see in Dragonvale is how each type of dragon has a different colorful egg. We bought a bunch of wooden eggs for kids to paint however they wanted. I added my favorite Martha Stewart craft paint into mochi trays I snagged out of the recycling bin (they are perfect for holding paint!) and let the kids go to town.

Supplies used:

Make a Dragon Collar
This was a super easy station, which basically had pipe cleaners and pony beads. Kids could make collars for their pet dragons (more on the pet dragons later) or bracelets for themselves. 



Our party was around dinner time, so we served healthy snacks: Apple slices, orange slices, carrots, peas and cauliflower (the birthday boy chose what snacks he wanted to have) as well as pizza.
For dessert, we had cupcakes. Because the rainbow dragon is the most rare and coveted of all dragons in Dragonvale, we decided to have rainbow cupcakes. I used natural dyes from a few different companies to get to these colors. I discuss it a little more in detail in the comments on this Instagram post if you're interested.
Supplies pictured:

Group Activity

We saved the active group activity for after they had their cake. We had a piñata (this black dragon piñata from Party City) and instead of filling it with candy, we decided to fill it with coins and jewels. The parents loved this because we weren't packing their kids home full of sugar. The kids loved this way more than I thought they would and everyone was scrambling to get jewels and coins once it broke open. 

For extra fun, instead of a bat, we gave the kids a wooden sword to hit the piñata with (we got it from The Wooden Knight on Etsy). We skipped the blindfold and just let them hit it three times each with the sword. Miraculously I think we got through all the kids before it broke open!

In Dragonvale you can trade in your gems and coins to get dragons! So for our party, we let them "trade in" their gems and coins they got from the piñata to take home a Beanie Boo baby dragon (we let them keep the gems and coins, they just had to show them to us). 

I don't know if your kids are into Beanie Boos but when the kids saw the baby dragon adoption station set up, their eyes got big and they got so excited. In addition to the painted dragon eggs, pipe cleaner jewelry, and pirate booty gems and coins, these made awesome party favors. I'd much rather send kids home with something they made and something they will actually enjoy for a while over candy or plastic doodads any day.

I hope this helped!

I know when I was researching Dragonvale birthday party ideas, I didn't find a whole lot! I hope this gets your gears turning to plan a great dragon party or Dragonvale party of your own!

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