Wine Cork Sled Ornament

Have you been hoarding wine corks because you're sure that you'll do a craft with them some day? Well "some day" has arrived my friends - Tata from EggoMache is here to do a special guest tutorial teaching you how to make an adorable sled ornament with wine corks! If you're not feeling terribly crafty at the moment, you could also buy one straight from the EggoMache etsy shop here and support an artist turning trash into beautiful treasures. Enjoy!
Hello, I am Natalia from EggoMache, but everybody in my family calls me Tata.

Every holiday season I enjoy making Christmas ornaments as gifts for my friends and relatives. Although I usually upcycle egg cartons to make them, I am always eager to explore new materials to work with. This October I started upcycling wine corks thanks to one trip to a shopping mall.

I went shopping with my daughter when we passed by a Christmas tree decorated with shiny, glittery ornaments. When we had a closer look at this tree, we noticed a couple of wine cork ornaments shaped as candy canes and Christmas trees. My daughter thought it was a nice idea and that I should try to create a wine cork ornament with my unique design too. Thankfully we had lots of wine corks at home to experiment with and over the next week I made a couple of wine cork ornaments with my one-of-a kind design.

Today I am happy to tell you how to make this beautiful Winter Sled wine cork ornament. It is not rocket science and if you are willing to devote some of your time to crafting, you can definitely make it. Let’s start!    


  • 3 wine corks of the same size (choose the ones with the least damage from a corkscrew opener)
  • Glitter – gold and red
  • White glue
  • Hot glue gun (I used CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun)
  • Hemp cord
  • Yellow acrylic craft paint
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
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STEP 1: Glitter

Using a paintbrush cover both ends of each cork with white glue and dip the ends of the corks carefully into glitter. Use red glitter for two corks and gold glitter for one.

STEP 2: Glue the Corks

Once the glitter has dried, glue the corks together using a hot glue gun. Place the cork with gold glitter in the middle between the two corks with red glitter.

STEP 3: Make sled runners

You will need hemp cord and white glue. For each runner, you will need to cut 6 pieces of hemp cord, each about 7 inches long. Soak them in white glue and start twisting them together until they stick to each other. Let them dry.

Glue the runners to the sled using the hot glue gun. Start with the back of the sled, then glue to the bottom of the front cork and then to the front of the sled forming a curve.

STEP 4: Make a Hanging Loop

Cut the hemp cord – about 11 inches long. Fold it in two. Make a simple knot forming a loop about 2 inches long with two cord ends. Use the hot glue gun to glue the knot to the center of the sled and the ends of the hemp cord to the front of the sled.

STEP 5: Decorate

Cover the hemp cord accents of the sled (runners and loop including its two ends) with bright yellow acrylic paint. Let it dry. Then using a paintbrush cover the runners and the loop (including its ends) with white glue and put gold glitter on top of them right away. Let it dry.

That's it!

If you liked this ornament but do not have any time to make it yourself, you can purchase it at my Etsy store that is called EggoMache. I have also other upcycled cork ornaments in my online store: Beer Cup and Candle Ornaments.

About the Author:

Tata is a self-taught artist that specializes in upcycled paper-mache and wine cork home décor crafts. She upcycles egg cartons, plastic bottles and wine corks to make Christmas ornaments, miniature paper-mache 3D paintings, pencil holders, pin cushions, butterflies and nautical décor. All of her crafts can be found at her Etsy store EggoMache.
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