The Best Way to Control Flies in A Chicken Run

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I love keeping chickens. They have so much personality and are such a joy to have. Except for in the summer when their run is full of flies! Luckily in Oregon we don't have many biting flies but the ones we do have are still pretty gross and annoying. I thought I have tried everything to keep the flies in my chicken run under control and nothing was really working that well. It was so gross!

But then I found something that really works to keep the flies under control in my chicken area and I'm so thrilled!

A Non-Toxic Fly Trap That Really Works

Searching for solutions online I had found some really pricey units that run on electricity. While these seemed really great, I didn't want to spend $100 on a fly solution (or run power to it!). 

Doing some more research, I found the Victor Fly Magnet Reusable Trap and I am so glad I did!

Not only was it super affordable but within just a couple days I noticed a significant decline in the number of flies in the chicken run. 

A week after placing it outside, the trap was almost full! It had caught a WHOLE QUART of flies. GROSS! But awesome. 

I was so impressed I hopped on a Facebook live to tell you about it. Watch the trap in action and hear me talk about it here: 

Where to buy it

I found the magical Victor Fly Magnet Trap on Amazon (Purchasing through this link will tell Amazon to send a small kick back to Creative Green Living without costing you any extra. Thanks for your support!)

I have a quart size and as you can see in the video it works great. If you have a large space (a barn perhaps?) you probably want to get the gallon size for just a few dollars more.

The traps are reusable and you can buy more bait to reactivate them. 

After I emptying my trap a couple days ago, I left some of the liquid inside, added more water and threw a chunk of chicken poop in the water (so gross!) and while it isn't attracting flies at the same rate as the bait, it's definitely working - so if you need a more frugal solution that is one way you can go, too.

The Best Way to Control Flies in A Chicken Run

Carissa Bonham

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