Star Wars Halloween Craft: Porg Pumpkins

Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft! With Star Wars The Last Jedi trailers and other spoilers released, we are privy to an adorable new creature that will appear in the next episode: Porgs. From the planet Ahch-To, porgs are modeled after puffins and are so cute with their little frowny faces. 

It's easy to make a porg jack-o-lantern for Halloween using paint and either a real pumpkin or a craft pumpkin (craft pumpkins are great because you can re-use the same pumpkin next year!). Let me show you how to make an adorable porg pumpkin craft to set out on your porch for Halloween!


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STEP 1: Light Brown Paint

Begin by painting with light brown or hazelnut paint.  Think of Dracula's hairline as you paint the backside of the pumpkin and around the face, in at the cheeks and down on the forehead with a widow's peak.  Let the paintbrush lines show and be rough to look like hairs.

STEP 2: Layer Dark Brown Paint 

Before the light brown paint can dry, add some dark brown on the top of the head and to the sideburn area, again, leaving brushstroke lines.

STEP 3: Layer Orange paint

And finally add orange paint on the widow's peak as well as the sideburns.  Then let the paint dry.

STEP 4: Add the Face 

Use the black paint to add eyes, nostrils and frown.  It is a basic face, nearly Kawaii, and so cute. Download this free face template pattern to use as a guide.

STEP 5: Add the white highlights 

After letting the black eyes dry, add 2 small white highlights on each eye.

STEP 6: Let dry and display!  

Put on display and show that the force is truly with you!


About the Author:

Natalie Shaw is a Craft/DIY blogger at Doodle Craft. She loves sci-fi, fantasy and video game geekery and that comes out in many of her projects. She posts budget conscious DIY’s, crafts, jewelry, kid friendly projects, upcycled treasures and other fun on her blog 5 days a week.You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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  1. Haha! My son is going to looooove this! He's been on a Star Wars kick lately, thanks to his dad. ;)


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