15 Awesome LEGO Christmas Ornaments

Lego Christmas ornament tutorials
Christmas mornings at our house are filled with lots of LEGO sets, making the joys of Christmas last longer as we put them together. I know I'm not alone! No wonder LEGO and Christmas just seem to go hand in hand for so many families.

Lego Christmas ornaments are perfect for the days leading up to Christmas.  Maybe you need to keep little hands busy when they are home from school or just want unique ornaments on your tree. Unlike many store bought ornaments, LEGO ornaments will be lead free (yay!) and zero waste because when you are done, the LEGOs just go back in their bin to play with later instead of languishing in storage. I love that you can make LEGO ornaments of anything you can imagine - everything from LEGO Star Wars ornaments to simple classics like LEGO Christmas trees and candy canes.

If you're ready to get your LEGO Christmas mojo going, here are 15 awesome LEGO Christmas ornament tutorials to get your creative juices flowing!

How to make awesome lego ornaments

15 Awesome Lego Christmas Ornament Tutorials

Lego Christmas tree ornament
LEGO Christmas Tree from Creative Green Living
Make a Christmas tree for your Christmas tree! This tutorial also features an original stop motion made by Carissa's seven year old!

Lego Christmas ornament - train
LEGO Toy Train from Doodlecraft
Pop over to my website, Doodle Craft, to learn how to make this adorable train from LEGOs you probably already have in your stash.

Lego Star Wars Christmas Ornaments
LEGO Deathstar from Chris McVeigh at Wonder How To
A must-have for any LEGO Star Wars fan! Chris will teach you how to make an iconic LEGO Deathstar - because that's no moon!

Lego penguin Christmas ornament
Lego Penguin from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
This adorable penguin isn't hard to make and Sarah from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls will teach you how to make it! (In case you're wondering about her watermark - her URL is 4 boys because she has 4 boys - not "for boys" as if LEGO Christmas ornaments or anything else on her site are only "for boys".)

make a LEGO reindeer Rudolph Christmas ornament
LEGO Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer from Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls
You know what would be really cool? If you followed her tutorial but used a set of red light up LEGO studs to make his nose light up!

Lego Christmas wreath ornament
LEGO Photo Wreath from Honey and Lime
Wouldn't it be special to have your favorite LEGO enthusiast build this wreath for you and then you could put their picture inside? Make sure to use glue to hold this keepsake together so it will last for a long time!

Lego Star Wars Christmas ornaments
LEGO Tie Fighters from Chris McVeigh at Wonder How To
This tie fighters are a must for your LEGO Star Wars ornament collection! Be sure to make a few (safety in numbers and all that!).

Lego gingerbread man christmas ornament
LEGO Gingerbread Man from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
This is another of Sarah's adorable LEGO creations. Try mixing and matching studs for different colored candy or adding a corner plate to make a gingerbread lady.

How to make a LEGO christmas minifig ball ornament
LEGO Scene Ball Ornament from Mama in the Now
I love this fun way to build your own Christmas LEGO diorama and turn it into a fun Christmas ornament. I'd love to go in a LEGO Star Wars direction with this, too, and try making one with some iconic Star Wars characters like Chewbacca or BB8. 

Lego Christmas ornament - nativity with wisemen and manger
Lego Nativity Ornament from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
I love the simplicity and creativity of this LEGO manger scene featuring the holy family, wisemen and a shepherd.

Lego Christmas ornament - how to make a candy cane
LEGO Candy Cane from Creative Green Living
This LEGO candy cane Christmas ornament is easy to make - and was designed by Carissa's seven year old. 

Star Wars Lego Christmas Ornament - millennium falcon
LEGO Millennium Falcon from Chris McVeigh at Wonder How To
If you have LEGO Star Wars on your mind, be sure to make a Millennium Falcon to add to your Star Wars tree. This tutorials comes as an easy to understand printable PDF download. It has an easy to understand supply list as well, making it easy to be sure you have the right pieces or can find them when you take your list to the LEGO store.

Lego Christmas ornament - how to make a nutcracker
LEGO Nutcracker from Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
A nutcracker is another iconic Christmas symbol, so this LEGO nutcracker from Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls is perfect for your classically themed Christmas tree.

How to make a snowman lego christmas ornament
LEGO Snowman from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls
Who doesn't love Frosty the snowman? I love the clever way the designer constructed this snowman to make a slightly larger snow man ornament.

lego star wars christmas ornament
LEGO Slave 1 from Chris McVeigh at Wonder How To
Piloted by Jango Fett, and later Boba Fett, Slave 1 is another iconic Star Wars ship that every LEGO Star Wars nerd needs on their tree.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of LEGO Christmas ornaments. If you love all things LEGO, be sure to follow the Creative Green Living Pinterest board, "Lego Awesomeness"

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  1. I am seeing great Christmas ornaments, but no patterns for them. Are patterns available?


  2. IF you click/tap the image of the ornament you like, it should take you to the directions you need to follow to build it!

  3. Do you have recommendations for buying lego pieces alone? the Lego site seems not to have them and eBay is very expensive

    1. There is a store near me called Bricks and Minifigs, which is a second hand lego store where you can pick through bulk bins to find specific pieces you want. If you don't live near one of those, there are likely other stores similar in style to this that let you buy second hand legos for good prices.

      I have also heard good things about the website "Choose a Brick" but I have not used it myself.


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