How to Decorate Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Easter egg decorating with characters from Rogue One, Last Jedi and Force Awakens
Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft! Today I am sharing another fun Star Wars inspired DIY project - this time for Easter. These Star Wars Easter eggs are painted with my favorite characters - Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, a porg and BB8. It's a fun Star Wars craft you can do in an afternoon. Coloring Easter eggs with paint like this is simple AND because they aren't real eggs, I can keep them year after year.  These have an adorable, Kawaii style face with the giant eyes and tiny mouths. This technique could be adapted for Peg Dolls too.

Star Wars Easter Eggs
the best Disney Easter egg decorating ideas

Star Wars easter egg decorating ideas


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reusable easter egg decorating ideas

To make following along easier, I broke up the instruction to teach you how to make each character. I have instructions for how to make Star Wars Easter eggs with Princess Leia, BB8, a porg, Han Solo, young Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca.

How to decorate a Princess Leia Star Wars Easter Egg

Begin by painting the top of Princess Leia's hair brown.  It's basically a heart shape with no point.  Parted in the middle front and then round in the back.
Star Wars Easter egg decorating ideas: Princess Leia
 Let the hair dry and paint a white dress half way around the middle and all over the bottom half.
leia organa easter egg
 After the paint is dry, it's time to give Princess Leia her iconic hair.  You will need 2 brown pom poms or felt balls.
Disney easter eggs with star wars
 Just hot glue them on each side of her head, at the base of her hair.
star wars easter egg decorating ideas
 Next, paint big black circles and eyelashes.  Let them dry.
Princess leia star wars easter egg
Add several white highlight dots with a dot stylus or the backside of a paintbrush.  Paint a little, tiny smile and add a little highlight cheek spot in pink.
disney easter egg decorating ideas star wars

Adorable porg craft: How to paint a porg Easter egg

The porg makes an adorable little Easter egg (if you love porgs like I do, check out the other porg crafts on Creative Green Living and this porg T-shirt I have on my website).  

Begin by painting the facial outline in brown.  It's very similar to a penguin.  Heart shaped hairline with chubby cheeks and flipper wings.
Last Jedi easter eggs - painted porg craft
 Fill the top and entire backside in with short brown hair-like strokes.  Let dry and then add little brush strokes of orange on the tip of the widow's peak hairline and near the cheeks.
Star Wars easter egg decorating - how to paint a porg
 After the paint dries, add gigantic black circle eyes, a tiny upside down V mouth, white highlights in the eyes and pink highlights on the cheeks.
Kawaii porg craft - how to paint a porg

How to paint a BB8 Easter egg

BB8 is my favorite Star Wars character of all time so of course he would be part of my Star Wars Easter egg collection.  He needs simple gray rings painted around the top of the egg, as well as a gray dot.  Then add orange stripes.  Don't over think this part, the wonky lines give the characters whimsy and that animated vibe.
Star wars BB8 easter egg
 Add orange dots and stripes around the head, then big orange circles in several places on the body.
bb8 star wars easter egg craft
 Add decorative stripes, triangles and symbols in gray inside the orange circles.
how to decorate easter eggs to look like BB8 from Star Wars
 Then add a giant black circle eye, white highlights and a tiny pink dot highlight under the gray dot.  He is adorable!
How to decorate Disney easter eggs - Star Wars BB8 easter egg craft

How to decorate a Chewbacca Easter Egg

Chewbacca is seriously amazing and he makes the cutest Star Wars Easter egg.  I think he is the best support character in the entire Star Wars saga. Start by brushing brown paint all over the egg. Make his hair line look brushed around his eyes and down on his face.
Star Wars craft with chewbacca
 Let the brown dry completely and then add a dark gray bandoleer.  The dark gray is just gray with a tiny bit of black added.
how to paint an easter egg that looks like chewbacca
Give Chewie the big, Kawaii-like eyes and a smirk-like frown.  Add the light gray to the bandoleer to look like the bowcaster ammo.
Best Star Wars craft ideas - how to decorate Easter eggs to look like star wars characters
 Let the paint dry and add the final white and pink highlight dots.  Perfection!
Easter egg decorating ideas with star wars characters - chewbacca

Young Luke Skywalker Star Wars Easter egg

The classic saga is not complete without Luke Skywalker. To make this Easter egg inspired by young Luke, use bright yellow for the hair and give him longer hair that is shaggy.
Star wars craft ideas - how to decorate easter eggs
 Then just like Princess Leia, paint a white bottom half on could get more detailed and mix up a khaki color and add the wrap details.  Then add the giant black eyes, smile, and highlight dots.
Disney easter eggs - young luke skywalker star wars easter egg

Han Solo Star Wars Easter egg

Han Solo is the most epic Star Wars character, I am so excited for the Han Solo movie coming out soon!  Han needs a brown hair line, similar to Luke's, but not as messy and long.
Star Wars craft with Han Solo
 Same as Princess Leia and Luke, Han will need the base of him painted white.  Just in front though.  Then mix up some dark gray, like Chewbacca, and paint on that iconic smuggler vest.
Star Wars Easter egg decorating ideas
 Let it dry and paint the big eyes, sideways smirk smile, and the white and pink highlights.
Han Solo Star Wars easter egg decorating

Star Wars Craft:
How to Decorate Star Wars Easter Eggs

These ARE the Star Wars Easter eggs you are looking for! Now you are ready for an epic Star Wars Easter! The force is strong with these ones.  Involve the entire family and get creative coming up with more ways to paint Star Wars characters! Get dozens of eggs and paint more characters like R2D2, C3PO, even Jabba!
Star Wars easter eggs - Han solo, Princess Leia, porg, chewbacca, BB8, young luke skywalker

May the force be with you!

Star Wars easter egg decorating instructions - how to paint kawaii star wars characters on Easter eggs

Best Star Wars craft - how to make star wars easter eggs

Best Star Wars craft ideas - how to make star wars easter eggs

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