Turn an Upcycled T-Shirt into a Pillow

How to turn an upcycled t-shirt into a pillow. Hot pink heart shaped pillow with gold wonder woman symbol centered on it.
Hi friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft, sharing a fun upcycled clothing craft with you. Do you have stacks of worn out t-shirts with fun graphics? Maybe some old band shirts, sentimental shirts from a loved one or some shirts that just don't fit anymore?

Let me teach you how to turn that old t-shirt into a pillow! This upcycled t-shirt pillow craft is a great beginning sewing project for older children or teens.

Ideas for how to upcycle clothing into a craft

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How to upcycle an old t-shirt into a pillow


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Tutorial instructions on how to turn a shirt into a pillow


T-shirt to pillow step 1: Cut it out

Begin by using a piece of paper as a pattern.  Cut half of a heart on the paper and fold the t-shirt in half.  This heart is slightly stretched wide so the full Wonder Woman symbol would be visible.
How to turn an old t-shirt into a pillow - great upcycled clothing craft
Pin the pattern on the center line of the shirt.
How to make a pillow from an old t-shirt
Next, use the scissors and cut around the pinned on pattern.
How to make a heart shaped t-shirt pillow

T-shirt to pillow step 2: Pin Together!

Separate the hearts and put the right sides together.
How to make a pillow from an old t-shirt
Then pin two pins perpendicular to the edge to show where NOT to sew.  Pin around the edges of the heart.
Upcycled t-shirt craft ideas - how to turn an old shirt into a pillow

T-shirt to pillow step 3: Sew the Heart!

Start stitching with a straight stitch.  Begin at one of the perpendicular pins and sew around the heart to meet up with the other perpendicular pin.  This open part of the heart is where it's stuffed...and it is the easiest place to hand stitch because it is a straight line.
Upcycled craft idea - turn a t-shirt into a pillow
 Repeat sewing the edge, this time with a zig-zag stitch right on the edge.  Then trim the threads.
How to make a heart shaped pillow from an old t-shirt

T-shirt to pillow step 4: Turn!

Find the opening in the side of the heart and turn the entire pillow right side out.
Turn an old t-shirt into a pillow
Take extra care to push out the seams all around the heart.
Upcycled clothing craft ideas: How to make an old t-shirt into a pillow

T-shirt to pillow step 5: Stuff!

Now fill the inside of the heart with lots of stuffing.  Push it in all the edges and points.
How to turn an old t-shirt into a pillow
T-shirts stretch and will use more cotton batting than expected.  Fill the pillow and add a little extra that you can push around after the hand-stitching.
What to do with an old t-shirt - turn it into a cool pillow

T-shirt to pillow step 6: Hand Stitch! 

Thread the needle and tie a knot on the end.  Pinch in the fabric so it lines up with what has already been sewed.  Push the needle into the seam and back through to the other side.  It's possible to hide the stitching completely, it's a personal preference.
Learn how to sew a seam on a pillow
 Stitch the entire opening and tie off the other end.
Learn how to stitch up a t-shirt craft


Best upcycled clothing craft idea: Turn an old t-shirt into a snuggly pillow
 This is the perfect throw pillow for a unique bedroom or couch.  Get creative and make pillows of all shapes and sizes!
How to upcycle clothing into brand new pillows
What shirt will you turn into a t-shirt?  What shape will you make yours?  Let me know in the comments!
Don't forget to save this project for later >> 
I love this DIY upcycling t-shirt craft. It's perfect for teens or kids just learning how to sew. What a creative idea for how to cut up an old shirt and end up with something awesome!

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