Summer Activities for Kids Survival Kit

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How to build a survival kit for all your kids summer activities - with FreeYumm

Whether you have been looking forward to it or dreading it: summer vacation is here! Between organized summer activities for kids and play dates at the park, things can get a little chaotic running from place to place. 

To help make sure I am always prepared with some mom essentials at the park or just on the sidelines of my kids' summer activities, I put together a "Summer Activities for Kids Survival Kit." I keep it stocked with essentials I need to keep everyone fed, entertained, hydrated and protected!

Ready to see what's in my kit? Let's check it out!

How to make a kids summer activities survival kit

Survival kit list:

Sharable Snacks: Nothing is worse than a hangry kid! Keep everyone fed and happy with healthy snacks. Of course, we are often doing things with our friends so we like to have lots of snacks that are easy to share. One of the reasons we love FreeYumm snacks is that they are free of the "big 8" most common food allergens - milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, soy, fish, shellfish, sulphites and sesame - this makes them easy to share with all of our friends, even our friends with common food allergies or sensitivities

Not only that, but they are tasty. My eight-year-old may or may not have eaten most of a box of banana maple cookies before I caught onto what was happening. All that to say: buy extra!
Sunscreen: You can get sunburnt even on a cloudy day, so I always bring a good non-toxic sunscreen. Choose one free of parabens and phthalates that uses non-nano zinc.

Bubbles: Bubbles are the ultimate boredom buster. Stuck somewhere waiting around? Pull out the bubbles! Multipacks of bubbles are often on sale during the summer, so we stock up so that we have enough bubbles to share with friends.

Sidewalk chalk: Another great boredom buster that is easy to share. Choose chalk specifically marketed as being for kids and labeled as washable (so it won't stain clothing).

Water bottle: Bring a reusable water bottle to make it easy to stay hydrated on the go. I prefer to stay away from plastic that can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals and choose stainless steel water bottles for my kids for durability and its lack of concerning chemicals that can leach into the water.

Baby wipes: Whether you prefer cloth wipes or disposable ones, having wipes on hand is always useful for cleaning up after snack time to cleaning up mud off of hands and faces.

Blanket: Having a fun blanket to use for picnics or just setting up a "home base" is an easy way to keep things organized in addition to providing a clean place to sit.

Cool bag: The final thing you need is a durable tote bag to haul it all around in!

Where to find FreeYumm

To stock up on tasty allergy friendly snack ideas that everyone will love, pick up FreeYumm cookies and bars on Amazon. If you are in Oregon like I am, you can also find FreeYumm snacks at Market of Choice. Look for the smiley face in the chef hat! Not in Oregon? Check out the FreeYumm store locator.

When you order FreeYumm products on Amazon and use code FYIP2020, you will get 20% off your first FreeYumm order.

(My eight-year-old wants me to tell you that the Banana Maple cookies are the best and you should try those)

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Her goal is to empower families to make easy projects and healthier choices that are beautiful and delicious! She is also the author of the hardcover cookbook, Beautiful Smoothie Bowls (Skyhorse, 2017) and several ebooks. Her projects have been featured in magazines like Kids Crafts 1-2-3, Capper's Farmer and Urban Farm Magazine. Follow her on PinterestInstagramTwitter or join the Creative Green Living Tribe on Facebook.
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