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How to Make a Unicorn Horn Sleep Mask from a Recycled T-Shirt

How to make a unicorn horn sleep mask with free printable pattern

Unicorns are the best, most magical creatures in the world. They are beautiful because they get so much sleep at night. Make a darling DIY unicorn sleep mask to help aid in a good night sleep. This would be a great unicorn party favor or summer craft for tweens and teens!

The sleep mask features a DIY unicorn horn and unicorn ears. Of course we give you a free pattern to cut out the unicorn horn, unicorn ears, decorative flowers and pretty unicorn eyes so that your mask is magical perfection. 

The part of the sleep mask that goes against your face is made from a recycled t-shirt so that it is nice and soft. It's a great way to give new life to an old t-shirt with holes or that you don't want to wear anymore.

Download the printable template to make a unicorn horn and ears sleep mask.

How to Make a DIY Unicorn Sleep Mask

This is the perfect craft tweens and teens to make for a sleepover! Learn how to make a unicorn sleep mask with a sparkly unicorn horn.


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Shop for the supplies for this project:
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Let's get started making this cute unicorn craft!

Learn how to make a DIY unicorn horn sleep mask with a free printable template pattern


How to make a unicorn horn sleep mask step 1: Cut it out

Download the free printable unicorn sleep mask pattern. Cut the sleep mask pattern out of paper and cut 2 layers of t-shirt material the same size.
Learn how to make a DIY sleep mask from an old t-shirt

How to make a unicorn horn sleep mask step 2: Sew it together.

Sandwich the elastic in between the layers of the t-shirt material and stitch around all the edges.
Turn an old t-shirt into a sleep mask with this easy recycled sewing craft

How to make a unicorn horn sleep mask step 3: Make the unicorn horn, ears and face.

Cut all the unicorn sleep mask template shapes out of felt. Cut white felt to cover the t-shirt mask and to make unicorn ears.  Cut a gold unicorn horn from foam or glitter felt. Cut a few flowers and leaves (also yellow centers for the flowers).  Finally cut black eye lashes for the unicorn.
Cut felt for the unicorn horn, ears and crown from the free printable unicorn sleep mask template

How to make a unicorn horn sleep mask step 4: Hot Glue!

Hot glue or use a quick grab fabric glue like Aleene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue to adhere the white mask shape onto the t-shirt mask.  Then hot glue the eye lashes in place.
Free unicorn face sleep mask pattern
Hot glue the unicorn horn just on the base and stick it to the center top edge of the sleep mask.
DIY unicorn horn sleep mask with free downloadable unicorn pattern
Next hot glue the unicorn ears in place.
How to make a unicorn sleep mask with free printable unicorn horn and flower pattern
Hot glue the flowers and leaves around the unicorn horn like a crown.
How to make a DIY unicorn sleep mask
Finally glue the little yellow centers on the flowers.  Enjoy your soft and adorable sleep mask!
Tutorial for how to make a unicorn horn sleeping face mask with free printable pattern template

Sweet dreams!

Free printable download pattern and template to make a DIY unicorn sleeping eye cover

If you love this unicorn horn sleeping mask, be sure to save it for later! >> 
How to make a DIY Unicorn sleeping mask craft. Includes free printable template. This is the perfect make and take craft for a kids birthday party or girls sleepover!

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