Clever Recycled Craft Idea: How to Make Garden Markers from Tin Can Lids

I love you plant marker recycled craft idea

This clever recycled craft idea lets you turn empty tin can lids into adorable plant markers. 

Use them as garden markers to help you remember what you planted where. 

You can also stamp other messages onto the lids to make them into a combination plant marker and gift tag. Tell a teacher "You're the best!" or tell mom "Happy Mother's Day"

Giving a plant to someone who has a bit of a brown thumb? Maybe try a cheeky "Water me!" along with a second tag telling them the type of plant it is.

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I'll walk you step-by-step through how to make these adorable plant markers. Once you see how easy these garden markers are to make, you will want to use this technique every time you need to label a plant or make a gift tag!

Make plant marker garden labels from tin can lids - easy and fast craft idea

How to Make Plant Markers from Tin Can Lids
a clever recycled craft for your garden


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**I use a Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can Opener which unglues the can instead of cutting it - therefore no sharp edges! I cannot recommend this can opener enough, especially when using cans for crafting with kids.


Watch me make this on Afternoon Live with host, Kara Mack

In April, 2018 I got to do a live video demo of this project on KATU Afternoon Live with Kara Mack. This video shows a slightly different technique than the original video (below)

Recycled Craft Video Demo:
How to Make Garden Markers

This is the original video that went live with this blog post when it was first published in 2015. You might notice that the style of stamps used in the video demo varies slightly from the stamps used to make the project in the updated images. The technique is still the same.

How to make a garden marker step 1: Paint can lid if desired

You can choose if you would like the paint the background of the plant marker like I did in the demo photos or if you would like the stamp the words directly onto the metal. If you would like to paint the can lid, paint one or two coats of FolkArt Outdoor Paint or FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint onto the lid of the can and allow it to dry completely.

How to make a garden marker step  2: Set up your stamp

Choose your letters from the stamp sheet and place them on your Stamp Block. Squeeze a small amount of paint onto your plate and smooth it out with the paint brush. Lightly tap the stamp in the paint and then press it onto the can lid. Allow to dry completely

How to make a garden marker step  3: Drill a hole 

Use your Dremel Micro Tool or drill to drill a hole in the top of the lid for hanging.

How to make a garden marker step 4: Make a wire hanger

Cut approximately 12-18 inches of 12 gauge jewelry wire. Bend the top into a hook shape. Use the pliers to bend the end up. Thread can lid onto wire before bending up the rest of the way. Curl end of wire under if desired.

That's it!

Once the paint is dry, it's ready to go outside or in your plant pot!
how to make garden art from recycled materials

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This project originally appeared as part of the "Craft Lightning" series co-hosted by Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts and Angie of The Country Chic Cottage in March of 2015. To see more of the recycled crafts generated by that series check out:
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