Thursday, March 17, 2011

Countdown to Spring: Two Buck Tuesday Redux

Last week, I posted my $2 bathroom touch up project.  This week, I tweaked it a little bit:



Really, all I did was add rocks to the bottom of the vases and take out the fake ivy (I tried to love it...but it wasn't happening).  This gives it a little bit more of a clean zen feeling and I'm digging that. Not too shabby for $5.

Just like my other spring projects, I'm linking to to the Spring themed  & the "$5 or less: CSI project weeks:


  1. I agree with you...the rocks look much better. I see the bags of river rocks in the crafts stores but they seem kinda pricey to me for rocks. Have you ever gotten a bag of rocks/pebbles from the garden section of like a Home Depot? Seems like I would get more for my money but not sure what they look like in their opaque bags.

  2. Looks much better--I love those $ store moss rocks!

  3. The rocks I got here were $1 for a bag at the Dollar Tree. The ones I have seen in large bags @ Home Depot cost less per volume but they tend to be dingy looking b/c they have mud and debris on them and aren't really designed for display. I think $1 for a bag at Dollar Tree is reasonable (as opposed to $5 for the same bag at Jo-Anns or Michaels.


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