Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Year in Review

I can hardly believe 2013 is already here! Is it just me, or did this year whip by? Thanks for joining me on the journey and tuning in for some creative green living ideas. These were my top 10 most popular posts from 2012. Did your favorite make it on the list?

I made this play kitchen from an old entertainment center for my son. It was originally going to be Christmas present in 2011 but it became a new year's present in 2012 instead. This won the number one spot by a landslide. Check it out if you want to build one: I break the process down for you.

When the price of peanut butter threatened to sky rocket, I was glad to find roasted peanuts on sale and stocked up so I could ride out 2012 with homemade peanut butter. It is super easy and a great way to save money and reduce the amount of junk in your food, too!

#3: Free Photo Christmas Card Templates
What makes this even more remarkable is that this post only had 6 weeks to collect pageviews to win the number 3 spot. Who knew photo card templates would be so popular! I'll be sure to make new ones in 2013, starting with some Valentine's Day cards later this month.

#4: Grow Your Own Easter Grass
This is one of my favorite ways to green your Easter. It's easy, fun and is a great science lesson for the kiddos, too. It takes about a week to grow a basket full of grass.

#5: Easy Glittered Bulb Ornaments
Everyone loves an easy craft project! These bulb ornaments take just a few minutes to make and can be done with inexpensive materials.

Earlier this year I was on a mission to make my own bread that was great for sandwiches (most recipes I'd tried to that point were a little stiff and crumbly or great for soup but not for sandwiches). This bread is amazing. The addition of the vital gluten makes it nice and soft and elastic.

Making yogurt at home is actually very easy and a great way to save money - especially if your family goes through yogurt like mine does! You can even make small personal sized yogurts by pre-packing chopped frozen fruit, a squirt of agave or honey and the fresh yogurt into small jars.

Don't toss your old rainboots when they start to crack from wear: dress them up with some cute patterned duct tape instead.

When I ended up with almost 200 pounds of zucchini from my garden, we needed to find some ways to use them up. This was a great kid-friendly way to serve zucchini in cheesy, bite sized tots.

I made these footprint towels as a gift for my son's grandmother. Little baby feet make adorable bases for both butteflies and bees on flour sack towels.

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