Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Make Dishwasher Safe Glitter Mugs

My mom LOVES sparkles. So when she moved into a new house, I figured it would be a good time to get her some upgraded mugs that reflect her personality. These were really easy to do and I love how they look!



Step 1: Tape off mug
Use masking tape to tape off the bottom of your mug. Don't forget to tape off the handle as well!

Step 2: Glitterify!
Use a paintbrush to apply decoupage medium below the tape line. While the medium is still wet, generously douse the mug in glitter. I like to do this over a plain white piece of paper so I can collect any unused glitter and put it back in the bottle. 

While the decoupage medium is still wet, carefully peel up the masking tape.

Set mugs aside to dry glitter side UP! Allow to dry for about 8 hours or overnight before moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Seal
The next morning after the medium has dried, use your paintbrush to dab a very generous coat of decoupage medium over the glitter. Set aside once again, glitter side up, to dry. Since you used a thick coat, this may take all day. Allow to dry until no traces of white show and mugs are dry to the touch.

Once mugs are dry, paint a thin layer of decoupage medium over the glitter and allow to dry. Repeat 1-2 more times.

Once the last coat of decoupage medium is dry, the mugs need to sit at room temperature for 28 days in order to cure completely and become dishwasher safe. 

Step 4: Enjoy!
Because seriously, it's hard to have a bad day while you're drinking from a fancy sparkle mug!

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  1. Shoot! So these wouldn't be ready for Valentine's Day. Oh well. I'll have to plan ahead for some other sparkly holiday! Super cute!

    1. Mother's day? Your birthday? A's birthday? St. Patrick's day?

      You can do this same technique with wine glasses, too. I think it would be fun to have sparkle wine glasses.

  2. Omigosh I LOVE these! Shared on my FB page and pinning! I want one for myself but what a great handmade gift idea too!

  3. Can you use the glossy modge podge instead of MS's?

    1. Mod Podge has a dishwasher safe formula that would be safe to use but regular Mod Podge is water-soluble so would not work well for a washable mug project.

  4. OK now I have to glitter-ify everything!

  5. OK now I have to glitter-ify everything!

  6. Can you go right to the top? I have a bunch of random mugs that I would like to force to match each other, with glitter. So yeah, can the whole outside of the cup/mug be done? Is there a reason you only did half?

    1. I would hesitate to go right to the top so that you are putting your lips on the glitter and decoupage as you are drinking. In addition to the texture feeling awful, I do not believe the decoupage medium is considered food safe.

      In addition to the reasons mentioned above, I only did half because I like the glitter-dipped look.



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