Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Make a Cricut Tools Storage Bag with Iron-On Glitter Vinyl

The people at Cricut are good to me and send me all kinds of goodies to craft with on a regular basis. Recently, they sent me the Cricut Tools Craft Basic Set to play with. These tools have seriously made a huge difference in how much I love my Cricut. I mean, I loved it before but these tools make things like peeling up small paper cut outs and working with vinyl a bajillion times easier!
To help keep all the tools together for easy access when craft cutting, I got a little drawstring bag for them. It's nothing fancy. I think I paid about $1 for it from Michaels a few months ago. When I got some iron on glitter vinyl from Cricut, I knew that using it to dress up my tool bag would be perfect!



Step 1: Design
Design your iron on label in Cricut Craft Room. I used the Cricut  Everyday Cartridge: Chalkboard Fonts to spell out "Tools." Easy.

Step 2: Cut it out
Before cutting out your design, flip it so that it is mirror image. Just select your graphic or word and click this handy button right here to make that happen.

Lay your glitter vinyl down on your mat SPARKLE SIDE DOWN. Use the scraper in the tool set to smooth it out and make sure it is adhered well to the mat.

Feed the mat into the machine and tell it to cut with blade depth 3, pressure 3 and medium (3) speed.

Step 3: Weeding
Removing excess vinyl or material from a design is called "weeding". Leave your cut out on the mat and use the hook tool and scissors to pull up any excess background vinyl that isn't part of your design. 

This will leave your design behind on a sticky clear film. Like so:
(don't mind the other graphics/words. I like to cut out multiple projects worth of vinyl at once!)

Use scissors to cut your image out separate from anything else you may have cut out at the same time.

Step 4: Iron
Set your iron to the cotton / linen setting and turn the steam off. Use the iron to press the bag for 10-15 seconds in order to re-heat it. 

Place your decal GLITTER SIDE UP (sticky side down) on the bag and use medium pressure to press with your iron for 25-30 seconds right on top of the clear film. Flip the bag over and iron the back side for 25-30 additional seconds.

Once it's cool, go ahead and remove the clear lining.

Step 5: Store your stuff
Once the bag is cool, go ahead and put the tools in the bag for easy storage.

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supplies disclosure: I was given a Cricut Mini, cricut tools, iron on glitter vinyl and access to Cricut cartridges by Provo Craft in hopes that I would use them to create projects to share on my blog. I have not been compensated for creating this project or for writing this post. Project is my own original creation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Links in supply list are my affiliate links and I may receive a small kick back from Amazon for referring your sale to them.

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