Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Make a Duck Fabric® Easter Basket

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Easter is coming soon - which means it's time to start thinking about baskets and bunnies! In our home, we like to use Easter baskets that can be used again throughout the year for other things - it's the Creative Green Way.

A couple weeks ago, I got a chance to play with some Duck Fabric® Crafting tape and thought it would make a really fun Easter basket! When Easter is over you can line the bottom with a plastic bag or leftover yogurt container (to make it waterproof) and fill it with flowers.



Step 1: Paint

Use the white craft paint and paintbrush to paint both the inside and outside of the flower pot white. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Handle
Determine how long you would like the handle to be. I looped the tape up over the top of the flower pot until I liked the length. Cut two pieces of the Duck Fabric® tape to that length, leaving about an inch on each side to attach to the pot.

To construct the handle, peel the backing off of one piece of tape and adhere it to about one inch of rim inside the flower pot. Adhere the second piece of tape on the outside rim of the pot (the pot is now sandwiched between the two pieces of tape). 

Line up the edges of the tape and press them, sticky-sides together down the length of the tape, stopping at the last inch. Again, adhere the last inch of tape on each strip to the inside and outside of the pot respectively.

Step 3: Cover
One of the great things about the Duck Brand® Fabric Tape is that it comes with a backing. This makes it easier to pre-plan projects and cut precise piece lengths before they are needed. 

I needed to cut three pieces of tape in order to cover the part of the pot below the rim and one piece for the rim.

Starting at the bottom of the pot, wrap one piece of Duck Fabric® at a time around the pot, overlapping the pieces very slightly.

Continue covering the pot in tape until the outside is covered completely.

Step 4: Fill
Fill your pot with either Easter goodies or a cute flower pot and some moss. Since the pot is not waterproof, don't forget to line the bottom with a plastic bag if you place something damp (like a flower pot) in it.

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  1. I love it! Have to check out that duck tape!

  2. Cute project! I need to try that fabric duck tape!


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