Wednesday, April 30, 2014

5 Reasons Why SNAP! Was Awesome: SNAP! Conference 2014 Re-Cap

Those of you who read my blog regularly may have noticed my ongoing relationship with Stonyfield. At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, I was thrilled to work with them as a blogger ambassador for three months which including writing for their website, including their products in posts on my website AND getting to represent them at a conference!

Check out my Stonyfield recipe posts here:

But back to why SNAP was awesome this year...

1. Roommates
I stayed with three bloggers I had not had a chance to meet before the conference. All three were wonderful! I got to hang out with:
 Danielle from Busy Mom's Helper
She really is that adorable in real life - and she wore that hoodie. Not that I can currently wear it while I'm 8 months pregnant, but I had some serious hoodie envy happening. 

 Elise from Elise's Pieces
Okay, so technically this picture is of Danielle and Elise - but it captures her personality really well. She is a graphic designer and a super talented doodler. You can check out her doodles on Instagram by following #elisedoodles.

 Becki from Becki Adams
Becki is a talented scrapbook designer - for which I give her mad props since my brain does not even work that way. Uploading pictures to Snapfish or Shutterfly to print in photobooks is about as fancy as I get. Her stuff is great, though, and she works as a designer for several scrapbooking companies.

2. Swag
Stonyfield sent me some fun swag to hand out with my business cards PLUS a case of yogurt - which came in especially handy for snacks and at breakfast time since only lunch and dinner were provided by the conference.

Of course, there was no shortage of swag or prizes from the conference's main sponsors as well. I even won some sweet power tools from Ryobi! Is it strange that I'm looking for an excuse to put screws into things with my new Impact Driver now?

In fact, I collected so much swag that I am so glad I brought an empty duffle bag - I stuffed it to the brim with all my fun goodies and had to check it on the plane coming home.

3. Networking
Beyond the time spent with my roommates, networking opportunities with brands and bloggers alike was priceless. More than 500 bloggers attended SNAP this year - so there was definitely not time to meet them all. I was able to connect or re-connect with about 100. Here are some of their business cards:

Of course, connecting with brands was awesome. I always wonder how connecting with brands is going to go at events like this. We have pretty high standards at Creative Green Living about the kinds of brands I work with but I was excited to meet some great PR teams representing brands that I think would make fabulous partners. 

4. Contests
So I might be a little competitive. Ok, so maybe I'm a lot competitive. There were a few different competitions happening at SNAP that were so fun to compete in that I don't even mind that I didn't win any of them. I mean winning would have been fabulous- but really, competing was a blast!

Door Decor:
Just like in college, the bloggers staying in the hotel decorated their doors to compete for prizes. We had a #snapselfie station (top center). Even Creative Green Baby got in on the selfie action (top right).

Business Cards
I wrote a few weeks ago about my new business cards and how thrilled I was with them. They are now equal parts creative and green - which obviously is what I'm all about. I didn't win the business card competition but got some fabulous business cards out of the process anyway!

5. Crafts
One of the things that was new this year was an enhanced craft presence. Which makes SO much sense at a creative conference. There have been craft opportunities in the past but this year, it felt like almost every sponsor had a craft you could do at their booth as well as craft classes that were available. 

I've always wanted to try quilting and was so glad to have a chance to do a quilted pillow class. Seriously, you guys it was SO fun. I'm sure it didn't hurt that we were using super amazing Baby Lock machines.  Not too shabby for a first try, eh?

A big thanks, again, to my SNAP! 2014 sponsor, Stonyfield. If I met you and hooked you up with coupons or swag, I'm sure they'd love a shout out on social media when you redeem or use them. 

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disclosure: This post is brought to you by Stonyfield as part of my Stonyfield ambassadorship trip to the 2014 SNAP Conference in Utah. All thoughts & opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my sponsor. I only ever work with brands whose products I love and think you will enjoy as well. See my full sponsored post policy here. If I met you at SNAP 2014, please leave a comment or give me a shout out on social media. I'd love to stay connected and meet up again next year.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mandy! I loved how your rainbow one was coming together - although I don't think I got to see it finished. Did you post it anywhere?

  2. And THANK YOU for my secret sister gifts! I loved them all -- can't wait to knit some socks! xoxo

    1. That makes me so glad. I love knitting socks although the first pair might be frustrating. Once you know how they work, though, they aren't hard and are great portable projects.

  3. Oh you're too sweet, thank you! I'm sure I would've been a bit more 'adorable' if I didn't sound like a frog the whole time LOL. I LOVED meeting and chilling with you at the conference, and definitely hope we can keep in touch! Thanks for the delicious yogurt that filled our was such a great breakfast each morning. And I'm STILL getting compliments on the darling bag you's a huge hit! HUGS girl!

  4. Sad I didn't get a chance to meet you while I was at SNAP! Next year!!!


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