Saturday, May 10, 2014

Discover Your Plant Personality and GIVEAWAY with Traditional Medicinals

This post is brought to you by Traditional Medicinals.

You've all seen those quizzes on Facebook...what Game of Thrones character are you? What gemstone are you? Which Disney princess are you? And as great as those are for killing time....has it ever got you anywhere?

Traditional Medicinals has a fun quiz that will not only give you insight to your personality but enter you to win a fun giveaway, too!

I've loved Traditional Medicinal products for more than a decade now and they are definitely my trusted source of herbal tea when I'm not feeling great. They even have a great line for kids that my four year old loves. Why am I telling you this?  Because I totally trust that you are going to love what you get if you win this giveaway!

The Test
I popped over to the Traditional Medicinals website to take the quiz and after about 2 minutes learned all about my inner plant nerd. Here are my results:

Dandelion, Passionflower & Slippery Elm were my results.

Here is a little more about each of these:

So I'm scrappy and tough, deeply concerned about the world around me and vocal. Sounds about right!

To find out your plant personality, take the Quiz here.


Traditional Medicinals is letting me giveaway a great gift pack worth $50. All you have to do is take the quiz and let me know what your results are. 

The winner will win a gift pack similar to mine (shown above) - with three boxes of organic herbal tea reflective of your plant personality, a shopping tote and a reusable ceramic mug with a silicone top (no joke: this is my new favorite travel mug for hot beverages!)

Enter Here!
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  1. I'm Fennel, Ginger and Nettle...supportive and soothing, spirited and nurturing!!

    I want this so bad!!!! Ah!!!!

  2. ginger, nettle, and slippery elm!!! i am obsessed with throat coat tea so this makes sense!

  3. I love this brand! I used to get sinus infections fall-winter, but ever since I started drinking the immune booster tea I haven't had an episode since!! Would love to try these new ones out I've never had before :D

  4. What a fun quiz, especially because I'm a complete #hortdork and plant nerd myself! I'm a Ginger-Nettle-Slippery Elm... and I think it does describe me to a T! Thanks for the heads up on Traditional Medicinals Carissa! (And thx for the fun quiz too!)


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