Friday, November 21, 2014

10 Easy Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Money on Your Heating Bill at the Same Time!

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As we're getting ready to head into winter, things are getting mighty chilly across the country! You will definitely want to start thinking about changes you can make to help keep your family warm without costing you a fortune. While installing energy efficient appliances can help - big ticket items aren't in every family's budget. These 10 tips fit every budget and will help you keep your house warm while you save money! Not only that, but it helps you save natural resources so that they continue to be available for generations to come.

1) Get baking
Using your oven will help warm your house more than stovetop or microwave cooking. Whip up an easy casserole or bake bread to go with dinner. When you’re done, leave your oven door cracked to release all the extra heat back into your house - just be sure to barricade the area to keep children and dogs away.

2) Shut the front door!
While I’m sure none of you have actually left your door open, if your doors aren’t sealed well, warm air can sneak out and cold air can get in through the cracks around your door. Use weather stripping to give them a better seal. (tip source: Jennifer from Always in Wonder)

3) Warm your walls
If you have a cold wall or cold spots on a larger wall, it may mean that your wall doesn’t have insulation (or not enough insulation). Fixing the problem can be costly or time consuming (or impossible if you’re a renter). For a quick fix, hang a rug or a quilt on your wall as decorative art instead. (tip source: Anna of Green Talk)

4) Cuddle up
Keep lots of blankets and throws available in your living spaces for you and you family to snuggle under. This lets you keep the thermostat a couple degrees lower but every still feels toasty warm.  (tip source: Jennifer from Always in Wonder)

5) It’s a snake!
Whip up an easy-to-make draft snake in about five minutes using this tutorial from Tiffany at Nature Moms Blog (no sewing required!). Place it on drafty window joins to help prevent temperature leaks. (Tutorial: How to Make a No-Sew Draft Snake)

6) It’s electric.
Even on insulated walls, electric outlets and lightswitches can be a weak point in your wall’s protective power against the cold. Last winter, I installed these Outlet Sealers & Switch Plate Sealers to help minimize leakage.

7) Let the Sunshine In

If you live where the sun shines during the winter (read: not Oregon!), open your curtains in the morning to let the sun warm up your house. Close them again when the sun moves to help hold the heat in. (tip from Amanda of Crafts by Amanda)

8) Keep it in the closet
The cold, that is. Keeping closet doors shut will keep you from spending money to hear unoccupied areas of your home. Your clothes won’t mind if it’s colder in your closet than in the rest of the house. This same tip applies for infrequently used rooms like your guest room. (tip source: Jessica of Mad in Crafts)

9) Pre-heat Your Bed
If you’ve been keeping doors of less-used rooms closed during the day, good for you! At night time, though, you can solve the problem of a chilly bed by preheating it - instead of turning up the thermostat to blast the furnace. Turn on an electric blanket as you’re starting to get ready for bed. By the time you climb in, it will be toasty warm and ready for you. Don’t forget to turn off the electric blanket before you go to sleep!

10) Stay Cozy
During the winter, change your bedding to flannel sheets and add an additional blanket to beds to keep you warmer at night without needing the thermostat to be as high.   (tip source: Jennifer from Always in Wonder)

Get more energy saving tips from PG&E here: Money and Energy Saving Tips

Got a great tip of your own? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Those are definitely some useful energy saving tips. Homeowners can also save quite a bit of money (over the long term) by switching to solar power.

  2. That's true that making sure your front door seals properly can save energy. I've sat by our door a few times and have felt a slight draft. It should probably get that fixed soon. It's better for my electricity bills and the environment, so it's all good.

  3. I couldn't agree more that letting the sunshine in helps to heat up your home so much. It also cuts back a lot of electricity bills from lights. We have heat blocking curtains that were pretty cheap that do a great job at trapping the heat in the home. I really enjoyed reading this tips, and I hope that we can use them to save a lot of money this upcoming winter.


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