Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Do Delicious Whole 30 Compliant Coffee

One of the things people use as an excuse to prevent them from deciding to jump in and start a Whole 30 is this:
I just can't drink black coffee.

Good news friends! Not only do you NOT have to drink black coffee but you can actually have very good, very tasty coffee on Whole 30! No joke.  Now, you may need to do coffee a little differently than you've done it before but the truth is that I'm actually enjoying my new Whole 30 compliant coffee routine more than when I was over sweetening it with sugar.

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Start with good coffee
So this might seem obvious - but the number of people drinking bad coffee in this country is astonishing so maybe it isn't. If you are buying cheap, poor quality coffee, what you end up with in your cup will not taste amazing. Period. There are no miracles in coffee. If they cut corners in production you can taste it.

If you've been buying cheap super market coffee like Maxwell House and Folgers, consider expanding your coffee horizons. We like to buy coffee from a local coffee roaster (whom I have confirmed does not sell his coffee online - sorry!). Find a small, local roaster if you can as the attention they pay to the quality of their coffee is usually quite high (look at your local farmer's market or on Craig's List). No one available? My favorite coffees available from big stores include Starbucks' Caffe Verona Coffee which has rich cocoa tones as well as World Market Vanilla Bean Coffee.

Change your brewing method
The true flavor of the coffee is contained in the natural oils present in the beans. If you are brewing in a paper filter, the paper absorbs the oils leaving you with less flavorful coffee! Be adventurous and try brewing up your coffee in a French press (learn how to brew coffee in a French press here). Not feeling adventurous?  Swap out your paper filters for a permanent mesh coffee filter to not only save money -- you'll never need to buy filters again-- but since there is no filter to absorb the oil, your coffee will taste more like itself.

Add a flavor enhancer
I'm not talking about sugary syrups here. Enhance your coffee naturally with the tastes of cinnamon, vanilla or chocolate by adding a crushed cinnamon stick, part of a whole vanilla bean or chocolate in the form of roasted cocoa beans like Choffy to the grounds in the brew basket.

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  1. I love to eat chocolates, but i don't like black coffee. I enjoyed to reading your blog. I just want to try this coffee. This sounds delicious.


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