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Stocking Stuffers for Adults: Ideas for Him and Her

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best adult stocking stuffer ideas

You thought you had all your Christmas shopping done and then it hit you: STOCKINGS! You forgot about stockings!! 

If you're scrambling to find great stocking stuffer ideas, have no fear. I've got great stocking stuffers for men, stocking stuffers for her, stocking stuffers under $5 and extra special stocking stuffers that are a little more.

Here are my best ideas to help you fill their stockings with great gifts that:
  • Aren't junk
  • They will actually like
  • Won't break in less than a week
  • Aren't candy
Best stocking stuffer ideas

Stocking Stuffers for Her

(please don't send me hate mail, yes, some guys might dig these things, too!)
If you have been scratching your head about what kind of stocking stuffers to get for your wife, girlfriend or daughter, here are some of my favorite suggestions.
BeautyCounter lip gloss christmas gift set - best stocking stuffers for women
The lip gloss from Beauty Counter is my absolute favorite. Not only does it stay put longer than most other glosses, Beauty Counter is meticulous about testing for lead and heavy metal contamination. When you buy this set, you get three glosses - give one to each of the women in your family or wrap them up and give all three to the same someone.

Stocking stuffer ideas for her

Good Day makes a variety of chocolate supplements that I love. The Energy chocolates are my favorite and I actually started buying them by the case. They're a better pick-me-up than coffee and don't taste bad if they sat too long (unlike a latte). They're a fun and tasty way to take supplements to promote energy, sleep, calm or to get vitamin D.

stocking stuffers for people who like to cook
(I saw these recently at Cost Plus World Market, too)
This nifty little doo-dad lets you rest your spoon on the edge of the pot without getting your counter or stove messy.

stocking stuffers for people who like to cook
Use this long arm mixer it to mix iced tea, chocolate milk, protein shakes and more!

Stocking stuffers without candy
Pure LYFT makes four different flavors of caffeine sticks - you just add them to any water, tea or beverage you are drinking already and it gives you 125mg caffeine boost from green coffee extract. There's no sugar or calories in the sticks and only 1g of carbohydrates in each stick. 

women's stocking stuffers
Turn a humble mason jar into a cute vase with these frog lid inserts and make flower arranging a breeze.

best socks to give for christmas
These toeless socks are perfect for the year round flip flop enthusiast or for post-pedicure when you need to wear sandals but don't want to freeze!
Best stocking stuffers for women
This soothing hand and body cream uses the power of lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils to help you relax and get ready for a great night of sleep. I massaged it onto my hands, neck and and chest and I fell asleep faster than I have in weeks!

Best warm socks for stocking stuffers
Made from organic cotton and woven and dyed in the USA. These also happen to be my favorite snuggly socks to wear around the house.

toiletry and personal care products for stocings
Organic and Non-GMO verified lip balm in yummy flavors. The tubes are large and will last her all year.
stocking stuffer ideas for her
Reusable straws are a great way to avoid unnecessary waste and help protect animals. I use this set and love it. It's very affordable and come with three different sizes of straws along with a cleaning brush!  
stocking stuffers for ladies
This luxurious hand cream is perfect for keeping drying winter skin at bay. It smells nice and keeps your hands soft instead of dry or cracky.
essential oil stocking stuffer ideas
Whether it's for her essential oil diffuser, wool dryer balls or to add to lotions or hand soap, a great essential oil blend is a wonderful gift. Two of my favorites are Love (a citrus/floral blend) and Sweet Oasis (a soothing blend perfect for winding down at the end of the day).
natural deodorant that really works
One of the only natural deoderants I've tried that really truly works. Bergamot + Lime is the one I use - it smells like skittles!

I love this for flavoring coffee or carbonated water. It comes in lots of other flavors as well like vanilla, watermelon, coconut and more.

This is one of my favorite dessert teas. Add a splash of cream or almond milk and you have a yummy treat! The Republic of Tea makes a huge variety of some of my favorite teas (including this Vanilla Almond Tea) and they all come in beautiful, giftable tins that anyone would love to recieve.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

(please don't send me hate mail, yes ladies might dig these things, too!)
If you just aren't sure what stocking stuffers the man in your life would enjoy, look no further! These stocking stuffer ideas are super practical, not too feminine and will appeal to many types of men.

stocking stuffers for men
If you have been looking for a natural men's deodorant that could possibly replace their Old Spice, this is a top contender! The scent is the closest to Old Spice I have smelled in a natural deodorant and it really works!

great men's stocking stuffer ideas
These gluten free jerkys are made from grass fed beef and free range turkeys. My favorite is the classic but more adventurous foodies will enjoy trying all five flavors.
stocking stuffer ideas for men
Made with organic merino wool, they are not only comfortable but actually help keep feet from stinking - like magic! These are my husband's favorite socks.
stocking stuffer ideas for athletes and trainers
This muscle rub is a soothing way to help muscles after a work out or working hard in the yard. Works just as well (maybe even better!) that Young Living or DoTerra's Deep Relief or Deep Blue rubs - but for a fraction of the price. When I used it on my sore back, I slept great and could still feel it working the next morning, even after showering. 

These let you still use your touch screen devices and have grippy bits to help you hold your phone, steering wheel and more. One of my husband's favorite gifts!
fun stocking stuffer gifts for men
Money Maze Puzzle Box
This puzzle box could be filled with cash, a gift card, candy or maybe even a sexy note from his wife. It's a dual present of being a fun puzzle and whatever the prize is inside.

stocking stuffer ideas for beer lovers and husbands
These are great for people who aren't always able to finish their beer or soda. They are also great for home brewers to keep their bottles clean and sanitary between batches.
stocking stuffer ideas for men
A good multi tool is indispensable and will help him feel prepared for any situation.

If robust tea that's good for him and good for the planet is something he loves, this loose leaf organic tea from Good Earth makes a great gift. It comes in a beautiful, giftable tin and is perfect for bringing with him to work.
stocking stuffer ideas for guys
Help him keep track of his keys and keep his headphones from becoming a hot mess at the same time.
stocking stuffers for dudes
We recently had the new free range turkey sticks and I'm sure my husband would eat one every day for the rest of forever if we had an unlimited supply.
Of course when you just don't know what else to do, gift cards in just about any amount to their favorite retailers like Amazon will make them happy, too!

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  1. LOVE this list!! I have 4 adult children and am buying several of these ideas! Thank you so much! Very creative!

    1. I'm glad this list was helpful for you! I hope your kids love their presents.


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