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How to Make an Envelope from Paper or Magazine Pages

How to make an envelope out of paper magazine pages

While envelopes aren't exactly expensive, making envelopes out of paper - like scrapbook paper, junk mail or magazines - is a fun way to recycle and get super cute envelopes at the same time! This sample envelope, for example, was made from the paper cover of Real Simple magazine. Beautiful!

Once you learn how to make an envelope, you'll want to do it all the time! There is no better way to make your mail stand out and feel special than sending it in a cool envelope. Making envelopes from paper is easy enough that elementary age kids, preteens and teens can do it as a fun rainy day project. And who wouldn't love to get mail in a special, custom made envelope?

Ready to learn how to make envelopes out of paper you have at home? Let's do it!

How to Make an Envelope Out of Paper
like magazine pages or scrapbook paper


  • Magazine, calendar or scrapbook pages - cut to 8.5 x 11 inches before starting
  • Card or letter to mail
  • Glue stick
  • Pen
  • Labels
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How to make an envelope out of paper - Real Simple magazine


Step 1: Pick a magazine page you like and turn it face down. Center your card on the page. Fold in the long sides of the page against the sides of the card. Adjust where you fold as needed in order to avoid undesirable text from appearing on the front of your envelope.
learn how to make an envelope out of any paper you have at home

Step 2: Fold in all four corners dog ear style.
How to make an envelope out of paper

Step 3: Using the bottom of your card as a guide, fold the bottom edge up. Mark the diagonals with a pen. You'll use this mark as a guide in the next step.
How to make an envelope out of scrapbook paper

Step 4: Apply the glue stick on both sides of the magazine paper from the line you just drew, down to the fold. Next, fold the bottom corner up to meet the line you drew and press the edges to seal.
how to make a paper envelope out of any paper

Step 5: Slide your card or letter into the envelope. Fold the top edge down and crease. Open it back up and apply glue across the top and on the dog ears. Finally, fold it down to seal.
how to make a paper envelope out of magazine pages
how to make an envelope out of paper
get directions for how to make an envelope out of any paper you have at home

Step 6: If desired, add labels to the front to make a pretty, writable surface suitable for mailing.
how to make an envelope out of paper

That's it!
    how to make unique envelopes out of paper, scrapbook paper or magazine pages

    Get directions for how to make an envelope out of paper

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