31 Easy & Inexpensive DIY Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

Best last minute DIY gift ideas for all the women in your life. Your mom, sister, friends, BFF and bridesmaids will love these!
Nothing is worse than pouring your heart and time into making a special DIY gift and then finding out the recipient doesn't love it as much as you do! 

Save yourself the heartache and whip up gifts that have nearly universal appeal. 

Of course, know your audience - the dishwasher safe glitter mugs may not be the best pick for your dad - but these gifts have been tried and tested by Pinterest readers and blog audiences alike for sisters, girlfriends and mothers!

These are the hot DIY ideas from Pinterest that your friends actually want you to make for them!

The gifts in this guide are ideal for adult women - perfect for girlfriends, sisters, moms, aunts, grandmas and bridesmaids!

(Need a gift for someone else? From four year old boys to dads, I've got a gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for anyone! 

Easy last minute DIY gifts that aren't hard to make and that people actually want!

Best DIY Gifts for your Sister, Girlfriend, Sister-in-Law or Bridesmaids

DIY faux crystal necklace tutorial
This easy necklace tutorial teaches you how to make a faux crystal necklace inspired by Star Wars kyber crystals. Real crystals are so hot, though, I think you should definitely pick up a real crystal point instead of making a fake one and then follow the directions for turning it into a necklace.

Homemade DIY glitter dipped mug made with gold glitter
These easy DIY glitter dipped mugs are easy to make and are dishwasher safe to boot! They take 30 days to cure, though, so be sure to start them at least a month before you plan to give them to the recipient.

Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage this year. These can cost $5-$13 each in stores or on Etsy but they aren't hard to make! Whip up a batch for your girlfriends and customize them with their favorite flavors by adding things like candy canes, caramel and more to the fillings inside!

Rae Dunn pottery ring dish or shallow ring bowl
DIY Knock Off Rae Dunn Ring Dish
Know a Rae Dunn lover? Rae Dunn pottery is so popular it often sells out so it's hard to buy specific pieces. This easy DIY gift tutorial teaches you how to make a "Bling" ring dish any rustic pottery lover will be sure to love.

How to make DIY Bath Bombs with Essential Oils
These green tea and herb bath bombs are the perfect way to soothe achy muscles. Making them is easy! Once you try one bath bomb recipe, you'll want to make more. Check out all the Creative Green Living bath bomb recipes here.

Rainbow strip rock photo holder craft idea
Make this cute painted rock photo holder for your sister and be sure to include some of your favorite pictures of the two of you together!

Black face mask with lace inspired by justice ruth bader ginsburg
RBG Inspired Lace Face Mask
Your feminist sister or girlfriend will love this lace adorned face mask inspired by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Advaced sewers might make the mask themselves or just pick up a plain black mask and follow the easy directions for adding lace yourself.

DIY Bird Nest Necklace from Sarah Ortega
These simple bird nest necklaces would be perfect for making as a mother's necklace. Choose a bead that is the same color as the birthstone for each of her children and turn it into a jewelry gift your girlfriend, sister or mom will cherish!

How to make fizzy bath dust
Fizzing bath dust is almost as fun as a DIY bath bomb but even easier to make! This particular batch is very soothing to help lull your girlfriend to sleep along with mermaid-inspired sprinkles to bring out her inner siren.

DIY Jewelry Dish
This easy jewelry dish is something anyone can make! Even if you only have super basic crafting skills, as long as you have something textured to take an impression off of, you can pull off this fun jewelry dish gift.

Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet from Creative Green Living
Simple DIY Birthstone Bracelet
If your girlfriend, sister or sister-in-law is a mother, this would make another great mother's gift. Personalize the charms with the birthstones of her kids or even her own.

Adventure Notebook / Sketchbook from Mod Podge Rocks
Adventure Notebook / Sketchbook
Few women don't adore a good notebook. I know I am guilty of buying way more journals and notebooks than I could ever actually fill! Learn how to make an easy DIY journal or sketchbook following this easy tutorial.
Bath bombs made with activated charcoal
Activated Charcoal Bath Bombs
Activated charcoal has been popular among millennials, Gen Z and Gen X'ers. It's known for its detoxifying properties - plus it just looks really cool in your bath tub! 

Burlap Tin Can Planter from Creative Green Living
Burlap Tin Can Planter
This easy upcycled planter craft has a rustic look that your sister will love! Pop in a hardy herb like rosemary and she can plant it outside after it outgrows its little pot. 

Easy Apron from Fat Quarters from Creative Green Living
Easy Apron from Fat Quarters
No fancy techniques needed are needed to make this simple apron! This is a great beginning sewer project - if you can sew straight lines, you can sew an apron! Pick out fat quarters in your girlfriend's favorite colors or with a pattern featuring her favorite hobby.

Upcycled Wine Cork Pendants
If you survived your 2020 quarantine, you're likely to have wine corks! Put some of them to good use making a set of cute pendants. These would make great necklaces or personalized wine glass charms.

DIY homemade exfoliating coffee and sugar scrub
Cinnamon Dolce Latte Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub
This energizing and exfoliating body scrub is made with both coffee and sugar and scented with warm cinnamon. In short order, you'll be on your way to being your sister-in-law's favorite sibling when she showers with this energizing gift.
Lush inspired bath bombs with sprinkles
Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs with Sprinkles
If your sister is more young and fun and maybe not ready for a gothic dark bath, this lighter bath bomb might make a better present. These Lush-inspired bath bombs remind me of funfetti cake! Plus they are easy to make.

DIY wine glasses made with gold glitter and silver glitter
Glitter Dipped Wine Glasses
These fun wine glasses are super easy to make and they are dishwasher safe, too! They do need a while to cure so start them early! Don't have time? Buy glitter dipped wine glasses on Etsy!
Recycled tin can planters with succulents on a log round centerpiece
Succulent Planters from Recycled Cans
This super easy recycled craft lets you turn empty tin cans into farmhouse style succulent planters. This sister gift is super on-trend hitting the farmhouse, succulent and houseplant crazes simultaneously.

DIY Body Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Candy Cane Peppermint Sugar Scrub
This fun layered sugar scrub is super easy to make and is a great gift for your sister or girlfriend! I keep a jar by my kitchen sink to get garden dirt or extra gross kitchen grime off my hands. It's also extra luxurious to use in the shower.

Painted and Stamped Terracotta Pot from The Beauty Dojo
Painted and Stamped Terracotta Pot
Houseplants are hot gifts right now! Make this adorable hand-painted terra cotta pot, pop in a houseplant. For a nicer gifts, pair is with my friend, Lisa's book on House Plants.

DIY Life-sized Jenga Game
Giant Lifesize Jenga Game
If you have a fun loving sister or sis-in-law, this easy DIY Jenga tutorial will teach you how to make her a fun backyard game! Maybe she'll even invite you over to play it.

DIY Infinity Scarf from Creative Green Living
DIY Infinity Scarf
Infinity scarves are a timeless look and are perfect even for very budding sewists to make. You just need to sew one straight line! That's it!

DIY Mason Jar Soap (or Lotion!) Pump from Creative Green Living
Mason Jar Soap (or Lotion!) Pump
Make this simple soap (or lotion!) pump and fill it with a yummy smelling soap or lotion. Think she would prefer a foaming soap pump? I have the directions for how to make that, too! Get the directions for how to make a mason jar foaming soap pump here.

No-Sew Pocket Tote from Creative Green Living
No-Sew Pocket Tote
Pick up a reusable bag, add a pocket and boom! Easy peasy gift any sibling would love. These would also make great bridesmaids gifts - make the pocket in each bridesmaid's favorite color and let her use it to tote her things to the wedding venue.

How to make a DIY etched glass water bottle
Making pretty etched glass water bottles like you see being sold at Target or on Etsy isn't hard! The bottle of etching cream will make lots and lots of bottles - so make one for each of your sisters, girlfriends and bridesmaids for just a few dollars!

Stenciled and Dyed Scarves from Pretty Handy Girl
Stenciled and Dyed Scarves
A pretty scarves are super easy to make - especially if you make a lot at once. Make one as a gift for each of your sisters in their favorite color!

DIY Stamped Washer Necklace from The 36th Avenue
DIY Stamped Washer Necklace
Stamped washer jewelry has been hot for almost a full decade now! These are easy to make and personalize with names and dates. Follow the direction in the tutorial or pick up a stamped jewelry kit like this one to make the process easy peasy.

DIY Homemade Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap from Simply Designing
Homemade Oatmeal Cinnamon Soap
There's just something super special about homemade soap! My friend Ashley teaches you how to make your own soap step-by-step. Pro Tip: If your recipient is gluten free, be sure to use gluten free oats for the DIY soap recipe.

How to Make a DIY Teacup Pin Cushion from Creative Green Living
How to Make a DIY Teacup Pin Cushion
Does your sister or sister in law love to sew? Turn a cute teacup into a super easy pin cushion! It turns out a lot of vintage teacups were painted with lead paint - but they can still be safely enjoyed in non-food contexts like this.

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