How to Make an Etched Glass Water Bottle - Page 2

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Step 2: Prep silkscreens
The silkscreens come as one large sheet. Remove the sheet from the protective backing and cut each individual piece from the sheet, following the lines.

Step 3: Place Silkscreens.
Wipe the bottle down with rubbing alcohol and cotton ball to remove any grease, fingerprints or soap residue. Allow to dry.

Select a silkscreen and place it on the bottle, rubbing it to be sure it is well adhered with no bubbles or gaps. You may choose to use painter's tape to adhere the edges as well. I live on the wild side and did not use tape.

Continue adding silkscreens as desired. I wanted the bottle to be covered in the floral motif, so I added all the large stencils and stopped when I ran out of room.

Step 4: Etch Glass
Put on your gloves. Seriously. This stuff is acid capable of eating through glass. You don't want even a tiny bit on your skin.

Stand the bottle up on its end and set on a protective surface. 

Scoop some glass etching cream out of the bottle and glob it onto the silkscreen.

Continue globbing cream onto the silkscreens until all the design areas are covered. Be careful not to let any get on areas of glass you do not want etched.

Rinse your brush while your gloves are still on. Remove gloves and set brush and bottle aside for 15-20 minutes or time indicated on the label. 

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