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STEP 1: Prep the windows

I found some mini picture frames in the bargain bin area of Michael's. The particular frames I bought were pink (the only color they had). To help them coordinate with the fairy door, I started by giving them 2 coats of grey paint and letting them dry completely.

STEP 2: Prep the bottle

The bottle I had was from an iced coffee beverage and had a narrow neck and wider bottom. I used some heavy duty scissors to cut the top off.

STEP 3: Assemble the house

I gathered these supplies for this step (clockwise from top): Mod Podge collage clay, small rocks, painted frames, fairy door, and plastic bottle.

The collage clay is like a combination clay and adhesive that is the consistency of frosting. I started by drawing a line of collage clay on the back edges of the fairy door so I could adhere it to the bottle.

Repeat this step with the back edges of the frames and adhere to the bottle. It's ok if the clay squishes out from the edges of the frames and door.

Then, starting near the edge of door, I applied some collage clay to the bottle. It's not perfectly smooth - and that's ok!

Then, following the outline of the door, I pressed some rocks into the collage clay.

I continued adding collage clay and rocks along the outside edges of the door and windows. I also used Q-tips to wipe away excess collage clay poking into the inside of the window frames.

Once the door and windows were outlined, I kept going to fill in the other areas on the plastic bottle with more collage clay and rocks until the whole bottle was covered. Once done, I had to set it aside so they clay could dry. Mine took about 12 hours in a room with a fan to completely set - but the package says that depending on the thickness of the clay and the humidity in your area, it could take as many as five days

STEP 4: Add the roof

To make the roof, I unscrewed the top off of a solar powered garden stake.

Once the clay on the house was dry, I set it on top of the house. Because I wanted to be able to access the underside of the roof as needed (like for swapping out the battery), I chose not to glue the roof onto the house. It fits quite nicely just being set on top, though!

That's it!
    Set your fairy house in your garden to gather sunlight and then take a peek as night falls and you'll see the glow of the little fairies staying up late into the evening!

    Don't forget to save it for later!

    Once again, a big thank you to SolarCity for sponsoring this craft powered by the sun! Be sure to visit their website to check out their people-sized solar power solutions (tell them I sent you!).

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    1. Thanks for sharing, i just love things with lights. this is a very cool project, can't wait to try it.

    2. That's really, really cute Carissa. The Mod Podge collage clay sounds fascinating. I have to try see if I can find some here in South Africa. It would make it so much easier when we build our fairy homes. Silicon glue doesn't always work as well as I'd like. Love how you added the solar light.

    3. What a clever, and beautiful idea. Of course I'm going to have to make an entire village of these. I have a "Fairy room" and a "Gnome Village". I can't wait to get started on this. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea!!!!!!

    4. What is the mod podge clay called in Australia?

      1. It's still called Mod Podge Collage Clay and I found it on some Aussie websites. You may also be able to find a generic version of it under the name "decoden" or "decoden clay"

    5. Very cute! Got me thinking. A very dangerous thing. Got to try this.


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