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2019 Guide to Stocking Stuffers for Her: 35+ Things Women Want for Christmas

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Best stocking stuffers for her. This list has lots of ideas for the adult ladies in your life that she will really love. Perfect for mom, your wife or girlfriend. Lots of great store bought ideas and some DIY ideas, too!

If you are trying to find worthwhile stocking stuffers for your wife, girlfriend or adult daughters, you are in the right place!

Finding stocking stuffers for the women in your life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!

I've put together a helpful guide to Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for her that she will:
  • Really love
  • Actually use
  • Not break in less than a week
She may even end up loving the stuff you put in her stocking more than what's under the tree!

If you have been scratching your head about what kind of stocking stuffers to get for your wife, girlfriend or daughter, here are some of my favorite suggestions.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her: Things Women Really Want for Christmas

Best stocking stuffers for women. This list has lots of ideas for the adult ladies in your life that she will really love. Perfect for mom, your wife or girlfriend. Lots of great store bought ideas and some DIY ideas, too! #creativegreenchristmas #creativegreenliving #stockingstufferideas #stockingstuffers #giftideas #christmas #christmasgifts #stockings #giftsforher

Sophi non-toxic nail polish is a great stocking stuffer idea for women
Sophi is a non-toxic nail polish that comes in beautiful colors. It doesn't stink and it lasts longer than any other nail polish I've ever used.

It has a different chemical composition than traditional nail polish -- which is how they made it both super durable and kept it from smelling bad. Because of this, you definitely want to get the Sophi brand Primer+Sealer and Shine Topcoat to go with it.

The Girl Boss Kit has primer, topcoat and two popular colors all together in one kit! I also really love this wine-inspired "Out of the Cellar" red color.

Amazon Offer: Use code PIGGYSET when purchasing two PiggyPaint brand items (including Sophi nail polishes and nail polish remover) from Amazon and save 20%

Almond Berry Galette candles
Bright Endeavors is an innovative social enterprise that transforms the lives of young moms by giving them paid job training and teaching them to craft premium soy candles in a supportive, professional environment. 

Support this innovative company and give a yummy smelling, phthalate free soy wax candle! Almond Berry Galette is my favorite scent - but they are truly all delightful.

Their candles come in lots of sizes but both sizes of tins and the "mini signature" are perfect for stockings!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Buy a candle from Bright Endeavors and use the code "greenholiday" for 15% off a purchase of $50 or more.

This old school beauty tool is hot right now! Women everywhere are rediscovering the benefits of using natural rose quartz rollers.

From improving the absorption of their skincare products to reducing inflammation and puffiness, rose quartz rollers have become popular with women looking for natural solutions to skincare.

In addition to the practical uses in her skincare routine, your special lady will feel pretty and luxurious with this beautiful stone tool on her counter.

Personalized necklace stocking stuffer idea
Support a small business and get personalized jewelry for her at the same time. This particular necklace from IrinSkye can be personalized with her initial and either her gemstone or just her favorite color.

If your gift recipient is a mom, she might love a personalized mother's necklace, with an initial from each of her kids along with their birth stones.

Gemstone essential oil roller bottle tops make great stocking stuffers for her
If she uses essential oils, she will love these natural gemstone roller bottle tops. This set comes with 10 different gemstone tops and a tool to easily remove the tops to swap out.

These are compatible with most 15mL roller bottles to allow her to mix or dilute her own essential oil blends and top them with a gemstone roller.

Andalou naturals Instant hydration dydro serum facial mask 1000 roses with fruit stem cells
This hydrating sheet mask is powered by fruit stem cells and alpine rose stem cells to create a soothing, hydrating experience.

This sheet mask is Fair-Trade, Gluten-Free, Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, Vegetarian and Vegan and 100% Non-GMO Project Verified personal care. And 100% Creative Green Living approved.

toeless pedicure or flip flop socks make good stocking stuffers for adults
These toeless socks are perfect for the year round flip flop enthusiast or for post-pedicure when you need to wear sandals but don't want to freeze!

They are also great for yogis who practices in cold spaces but don't want to lose grip on their yoga mats!

promote peace and tranquility with an amethyst crystal necklace - I love this stocking stuffer idea
Amethyst is thought to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring peace and tranquility. Plus it's a beautiful purple color.

This pretty amethyst necklace is in a stainless steel setting and on a stainless steel chain - so no need to worry about sketchy pot metals and lead - for a very affordable price!

Vegan leather tassel power bank is a great stocking stuffer idea for her
Keeping a power bank on hand is great for when you need to charge your phone and you are away from your wall charger or in an area that makes using it impractical.

This vegan leather tassel attaches to your bag and is a fashion accessory with a secret! It's compatible with all android, iphone and tablets.

How to make Lush bath bombs - Lush inspired bath bomb recipe with activated charcoal
Activated Charcoal Bath Bombs
Activated charcoal is great for your skin. It helps absorb excess oil and draw out toxins.

Impress your gift recipient by making her a batch of detoxifying bath bombs inspired by her favorites from Lush! Get the bath bomb recipe here.

Pro tip: Do not give this to your wife or girlfriend if you have recently had a fight or you think she is mad at you. An angry woman who gets coal in her stocking will only become more upset and it will not end well for you. Trust me.

(of course, if it's your sister, she probably deserves the coal anyway!)

Smart Wool makes my favorite socks of all time. Wool socks keep your feet cozy and dry and through some kind of witchcraft, help your feet not stink. Unlike some wool socks, these are not bulky and are suitable for everyday wear.

These socks come in lots of different colors. Choose her favorite color for what will surely become her favorite socks to wear in boots and shoes all season.

Lush inspired blue bath bomb with sprinkles
Bath bombs are the perfect way to make her alone time in the bath extra. Learn how to make bath bombs (these ones feature sprinkles and smell like bubble gum!) or buy some hand crafted bath bombs from an artisan on Etsy.

Gabriel cosmetics lip gloss in ambrosia make a great stocking stuffer for her
You may not know that many lip glosses (including natural and organic brands) are contaminated with lead. This is legal and totally unregulated by the FDA so buyers need to do their own due diligence.

Gabriel makes some of my favorite lead-free lip gloss. They are also phthalate and paraben free, making them a Creative Green Living favorite.

Scmidt's Bergamot and Lime deodorant in a glass jar - perfect stocking stuffer idea for her
One of the only natural deodorants I've tried that really truly works. Bergamot + Lime is the one I use - it smells like skittles!

Pro tip: Schmidt's makes other deodorants that come in a stick but the formula is different. The performance of the Schmidt's deodorant in the glass jars is superior to the stick formula.

fun prints on emery boards for stocking stuffers
I know I am not the only woman who is consistently losing her nail files! Most of us need a purse nail file, a home nail file, a car nail file and few extras for back up. Whether she has natural nails or always has a manicure, having extra nail files on hand is always appreciated!

Travel Size poo-pourri spray bottle as stocking stuffer for adult
This non-toxic, chemical free formula traps stinky odors in the toilet to prevent embarrassment. It's a little bit of a silly gift, so I would't do this one for someone you have just started dating but it's great stocking stuffer for a sister, wife or daughter.

Sterling silver fidget ring makes a great stocking stuffer for women
Can she just not sit still? If she has ADD or ADHD like I do, she'll love having a ring like this. It's way less child like than a fidget spinner and it's fashionable at the same time! I love mine and wear it every day.

a variety of pop socket phone holders as stocking stuffers for women
A pretty Pop Socket
Pop Sockets come in all kinds of pretty designs. They will help her hold on to her phone so she is less likely to drop it while using it. It also serves as a convenient way to prop the phone on its side if she wants to lay it down to watch a video.

Organic mint tea from Republic of Tea
This soothing peppermint tea is perfect for any cold winter evening. It's not caffeinated so it won't keep her awake at night. It's also great for  helping support digestion after Christmas feasting. 

Tohi night's rest hand and body cream
This soothing hand and body cream uses the power of lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang and sandalwood essential oils to help you relax and get ready for a great night of sleep.

I massaged it onto my hands, neck and chest and I fell asleep faster than I have in weeks!

This cream is available as a stand-alone item or as part of a gift set (all of the items in the set make great stocking stuffers as well!)

Caffeinated lip balm make a great inexpensive stocking stuffer for adults
I love this caffeinated lip balm. It goes on smooth, smells amazing and has an added perk from caffeine.

Maggie's organic cotton socks - the best microfiber free warm socks for Christmas
These striped socks from Maggie's Organics are my favorite cozy socks to wear around the house at home. They are organic which means you are supporting organic, earth-friendly agriculture and you aren't exposing your family to the kinds of chemicals pervasive in the cotton growing industry.

Microfiber pollution from synthetics like polyester is a big problem. So skip the crazy fuzzy socks that shed in the wash and stick with these cozy, organic socks instead. 

bottles of organic essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils - lavender, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemon and frankincense
If she's interested in essential oils for cleaning, diffusing or other uses, she'll love the organic essential oil line from Rocky Mountain Oils. The oils I personally use most often are lavender, orange, peppermint and lemon.

Ocho Organic Dark Chocolate Caramel Chocolates
Chocolate always seems like a no-brainer to add to her stocking but I wanted to highlight a brand I love. My favorite Ocho chocolate is the dark chocolate filled with caramel. And since it's organic, I'm pretty sure that the calories don't count.

If you liked this ultimate guide to stocking stuffer ideas for her, be sure to save it to Pinterest or Facebook so you can find it again later!

These are some of the best stocking stuffer ideas I've seen - for stuff she actually wants! Lots of good ideas for all the women in your life - stocking stuffers for your wife, girlfriend, mom and sister . All the ideas are things that aren't junk and things she will actually like and use. No candy, either! #creativegreenchristmas #creativegreenliving #stockingstuffer #gifts #giftideas #christmasgiftideas #stockingstufferideas #giftsforher #stockingstufferideas #stockingstuffersforher


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Carissa Bonham, author, owner and lead writer at Creative Green Living

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