Monday, October 6, 2014

Whole 30: What I Ate Week 1

If you're coming late to the party, I started Whole 30 last month and I'm in good company! I have several friends who are Whole 30ing along with me. If you're interested in doing it, too, get started here.

Each week I'll be posting about what we ate. Hopefully it will give you an idea of what the program is like and maybe even inspire you with your own food ideas, too!

Day 1

Breakfast: Sweet potato hashbrowns, over easy eggs, an apple, trail mix (we made our own with approved nuts, unsweetened dry fruit and coconut chips)

Lunch: Big salad - lettuce, raddishes, carrots, olives and grilled chicken. Made our own Garlicky Italian Vinaigrette dressing

Dinner: Tuna salad (tuna, Whole 30 mayo, chopped celery, chopped onion) served in celery sticks, heirloom tomato salad (heirloom tomatoes, EVOO, balsamic vinager, salt, pepper)

Snacks*: Larabar, trail mix

Day 2

Breakfast: Egg scramble with bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and guacamole. Frozen peaches with coconut milk.

Lunch: Small salad with tuna salad leftover from dinner on day 1. Banana.

Dinner: Banana, strawberry, raspberry, coconut milk, cashew smoothie, raw almonds

Snacks: Larabar

Day 3

Breakfast: Scramble with 4 eggs, bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, guacamole. Pan roasted herbed potatoes with garlic herb mayo.

Lunch: Tuna salad with celery and carrot sticks

Dinner: Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage (Coleman Natural brand), sauteed bell peppers and onions

Snacks: Banana, cashews

Day 4
Breakfast: Hashbrowns, over easy eggs, apple

Lunch: Big salad - lettuce, raddishes, carrots, olives, avocado and grilled chicken.

Dinner: Taco meat over salad with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole.

Snacks: Chicken Sausage (Coleman Natural brand), frozen fruit with coconut milk, cashews

Day 5

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, garlic herb mayo, apple

Lunch: Mashed cauliflower, Italian chicken sausage (Coleman Naturals brand), sauteed bell peppers

Dinner: Fruit and Coconut Milk (I wasn't very hungry)

Day 6

Breakfast: Apple, cashews, larabar

Lunch: Egg salad (chopped eggs, Whole 30 mayo, died celery, onion, basil), scooped and eaten with celery sticks

Dinner: Grilled steak, grilled zucchini, heirloom tomato salad (heirloom tomatoes, EVOO, balsamic vinager, salt, pepper)

Day 7

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, avacado, pan roasted baby potatoes, garlic herb mayo.

Lunch: Egg salad (chopped eggs, Whole 30 mayo, died celery, onion, basil), scooped and eaten with celery and carrot sticks.

Dinner: Asian chicken thighs (except no honey), steamed broccoli

*A note about snacks: Snacks are not generally part of the Whole 30 experience. However, because I am breastfeeding I'm making sure to eat when I'm hungry and drink lots of water and tea to avoid compromising my milk supply

Notes about Shopping:

For week one, we stopped at Cash and Carry first to pick up some giant bags of onions, mushrooms and ginger. Most of the rest of our food was purchased at Natural Grocers. Some things that Natural Grocers did not have were picked up at New Seasons or Winco.

We spent a full day shopping and prepping food like crazy people. While I hated that it took up my whole day, it did make meal prep throughout the week go much faster because everything was pre-chopped or pre-marinated for me. We did not stick to the one HUGE prep day at the beginning of the week pattern after this but I am SO GLAD we did for the first week.

Need more ideas?

Follow my Whole 30 board on Pinterest for more Whole 30 recipes and ideas:

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