Make a DIY Painted Tire Planter from Old Tires

Use your old tires to make these whimsical planters

You get new tires for your vehicle and then what? In many places, those tires are going straight to the landfill. Instead, ask to keep your old tires and turn them into an adorable hanging planter! Tires are great for planting ornamentals - don't use them to plant edibles because they leach toxic chemicals into the soil that you don't want to eat! Since these planters just have flowers (and a friendly garden gnome!), this is the perfect way to use them.


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Find the directions online at DIY Show Off: DIY Tire Planter Tutorial

This project is a great way to repurpose tires and add whimsy to any garden

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  1. What flowers did you use in your tire? I'm in zone 9. Beautiful thanks for sharing

    1. I usually plant petunias and sometimes alyssum in my tire planters. Hope that helps!


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