The Best Homemade Body Scrub Recipes to Make at Home!

How to make a body scrub at home - ideas for homemade sugar scrubs, salt scrubs and coffee scrubs  #creativegreenliving #giftideas

Have you been wanting to learn how to make sugar scrub? It's so easy to make a great homemade sugar scrub with ingredients you already have in your cabinet. 

Making your own scrubs also lets you avoid the sketchy ingredients in some store bought body care products (parabens and phthalates and synthetic fragrances, oh my!).

Try making your own DIY sugar scrub, salt scrub or coffee scrub with this collection of homemade recipes. Or try all three! 

Body scrubs are super easy to make and make great gifts. I've collected more than 20 tried-and-true body scrub recipes from my favorite bloggers to share with you here - including my own peppermint sugar scrub recipe that went viral last Christmas!

If you are looking for high quality essential oils to use in your scrubs, be sure to check out Rocky Mountain Oils - their oils are high quality, reasonably priced and you always get free shipping (even if you just buy one bottle!). 

I also love that they release the GCMS test results for every batch of oil they produce - this is something that DoTerra and YoungLiving consider proprietary information!

But now what you came here for!

20+ DIY Body Scrub & Sugar Scrub Recipes

best homemade body scrub recipes

how to make sugar scrub

Peppermint Sugar Scrub
from Creative Green Living

how to make coffee sugar scrub

from Creative Green Living

how to make sugar scrub

from Creative Green Living
coconut lime sugar scrub recipe
from Smashed Peas and Carrots

best body scrub recipes

from Simply Southern Sunshine

homemade body scrub recipes

easy DIY sugar scrub recipes
from Little Blog in the Country

how to make sugar scrub

from Beauty Through Imperfection

how to make sugar scrub with essential oils

Lemon Sugar Scrub
from To Simply Inspire

how to make homemade body scrub

Coffee Sugar Scrub
from Just 2 Sisters

DIY sugar scrub recipe

from Really, Are You Serious?

homemade body scrub recipes
from Food.Fun.Family

how to make salt scrub

from Mommy Moment

homemade body scrub recipe with charcoal
from Millennial Beauty Sisters

how to make sugar scrub with essential oils

from Quirky Inspired

homemade body scrub recipes

Spiced Apple Cider Sugar Scrub
from Dollar Store Crafts

homemade body scrub DIY recipe

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sugar Scrub
from Food.Fun.Family

homemade DIY body scrub recipe

Citrus Cinnamon Sugar Scrub
from Unskinny Boppy

homemade sugar scrub recipe

Honey and Lemon Drop Sugar Scrub
from Happy Mothering

DIY body scrub recipes

Espresso Sugar Scrub
from Simple At Home

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how to make sugar scrub, salt scrub and homemade body scrubs

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