Make a Recycled Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Aren't cassette tapes the coolest?  They bring back some fabulous childhood memories.  Making mixed tapes of all the best songs by recording the radio. Rewinding, untangling that tape, and the inevitable glitches mid-song from a snagged tape. My children will never understand the wonders of the cassette tape.  Did you ever use cassettes? Do you still have some hanging around?  They are the perfect recycled craft medium for this fun planter. I got a bunch from my church when they were getting rid of the antiquated technology.


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STEP 1: Paint on Adhesive

These cassette tapes are great colors, but they could be spray painted for a totally different look.  I decided to keep the colors but cover some of the text on them using gold leaf.  Gold leafing is so much fun.  Use a small paintbrush to paint some gold leaf adhesive in random (or not so random) places on your cassettes.  Let the adhesive dry.

STEP 2: Apply Gold and Silver Leaf

Tear off a small piece of the silver or gold leaf and gently set it on the cassette where you painted the adhesive.  If your fingers are tacky at all, it will stick to them too!

STEP 3:  Dust Off Excess

Layer the gold and silver leaf all over the adhesive and press it firmly on the cassette.  Then use a fluffier paintbrush to dust off the leafing.  This will leave only what is completely adhered to the cassette.

STEP 4: Admire!

 The two-toned metallic and pops of color give this project such a fun feel.

STEP 5: Hot Glue Time

Now use the hot glue gun to glue the cassette tapes together in a square.

STEP 6: Glue to the Base

Next put a row of glue all around the edge of your piece of wood for the base.  If you don't have wood, a CD jewel case is just about the right size and would give this a fun finish too!

Once it's all glued together it is ready to fill.  Take a look at that--it would make a fun candle holder, a goodie bowl, a pencil/office supply stash or organizer box.  So many options with a 4 cassette tape box!

STEP 7: Plant Succulents

I prefer faux succulents because I kill plants, but either will work great.  Fill the base and sides of the planter with small rocks and then a small Styrofoam ball.  Stick the succulent picks in the ball and then fill around it with more rocks.  

For those of you that have a green thumb, you can also use this to plant live succulents.  Fill the base and edges with small rocks for drainage.  Then add dirt and succulents, then fill the top with more small pebbles.  Spray with a spray bottle of water once a week until damp.  Succulents need water, but they don't need to soak in it, so the wood base will be fine for quite a while.
Enjoy the bright colors, the shiny metallic gold and silver, the nostalgia of the cassette tapes and the succulents!  This would make a fun and creative gift for someone that grew up listening to cassettes.

That's it!

I guarantee that you've got yourself a wonderful conversation piece!  If you don't have access to any cassette tapes, take some time to see what you do have.  You could do the same thing with CD jewel cases, zip or floppy disks, or even old school Nintendo controllers.  Recycled crafts are the best!

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