Star Wars DIY: Make a Kyber Crystal Necklace

how to make a star wars kyber crystal necklace
The latest Star Wars spoiler is that Luke Skywalker is wearing some sort of red kyber crystal in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie - likely from Darth Vader's light saber. In Rogue One, Jyn Erso can also be seen wearing a kyber crystal necklace. Do you want to learn how to make a wire wrapped kyber crystal necklace of your very own? This is a fun DIY and you won't believe how it's made! You can follow the instructions to make your own faux crystals or buy your own natural earth crystals and skip ahead to step three to learn how to make it into a wire wrapped crystal necklace. Natalie from DoodleCraft will show you how!


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STEP 1: Form the crystal!

Jedi's go on mighty quests to find the most wonderful kyber crystals but we can make one much simpler using a hot glue stick.  Shocking, right?  Use the razor knife to cut the bottom of the glue stick to about the center.
how to make crystals from hot glue sticks

Continue cutting around the glue stick to make a point.  Just like whittling a stick to a sharp point.

Stand the glue stick on the cutting mat on the other end.  Carve down from the end point to the base.

Keep carving down the glue stick until the round edges are now flat and geometric.  It looks just like a natural quartz crystal!

STEP 2: Cut as many crystals as you like 

Repeat the crystal cutting until you are satisfied with the amount of crystals you have.  I used some waterproof alcohol paint to cover one crystal with red, but it didn't take very well.
how to make DIY kyber crystals

STEP 3: Wire wrap the crystals 

Next you will need the wire, chain and crystals.
kyber crystal necklace tutorial

Cut 12 inches of wire and fold gently in half.
how to make a crystal necklace

Twist the center wires together 3 times to create a loop right in the center of the wire.
how to make a necklace with crystal and wire

Bend the wires down to fit the top of the crystal.
how to make a wire wrapped crystal necklace

Fit the wire tight on the crystal and pull wires down the side about 1/2 inch.  Then wrap them around the crystal and twist the 2 wires together.
wire wrapped crystal necklace tutorial

Wrap around and around and then finish off by wrapping the wires around the loop made at the beginning.
wire wrapped kyber crystal necklace tutorial

STEP 4: Add a chain!

Add your desired chain or a leather string and enjoy!
learn how to make wire wrapped kyber crystal necklaces

May the Force be with you!

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