How to Make a Galaxy Painted Recycled Pen Holder

recycled craft using galaxy painting technique
Hi everyone, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft, sharing another fun recycled craft with you. I love everything galaxy so of course I am obsessed with the galaxy painting trend. It is so relaxing and therapeutic to paint a galaxy, there is no wrong way to do it. Vincent Van Gogh said "The sight of stars makes me dream".  So let's get dreaming with this fun recycled craft inspired by Disney's A Wrinkle in Time!

Galaxy painting on a recycled craft made with tin cans

Recycled Crafts & Galaxy Painting Combine to Create a Unique Tin Can Craft!


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How to paint a galaxy with this galaxy painting technique featuring apple barrel paint

galaxy painting tutorial - learn how to paint a galaxy

How to paint a galaxy for an epic recycled craft


STEP 1: Black as pitch! 

Begin by painting the entire can black. Paint the black down inside the can about 3 inches as well.  Set aside and let it dry completely.
Learn how to paint a galaxy with this cool tin can recycled craft

STEP 2: Winter Blues! 

Next paint the can in varied splotches using the stencil brush and the Bright Blue paint. For best results with the stencil brush, dip bristles in paint and then blot a few times on paper before painting the can. The brush strokes are simple dabbing. Don't worry about good coverage, the darkness should be peering through the nebula.
best recycled crafts using tin cans - learn how to paint a galaxy

STEP 3: Terrific Teals!

Let the blue paint dry a little, then repeat the process by adding varied splotches of teal.
Coolest recycled craft with a tin can - learn how to paint a galaxy to turn a tin can into a unique pen holder

STEP 4: Pinks and Purples!

Repeat in like manner with the pink and the purple.  Notice how the black is disappearing?
learn how to paint a galaxy to turn a recycled tin can into a cool pen holder craft

STEP 5: Black as Pitch! 

After the paint has dried, go back in with the black paint and add a little bit more here and there.  The bright and vivid colors should still show, but in the background.
How to paint a galaxy on a recycled tin can craft

STEP 6: Add the Stars! 

Make sure your work surface is covered while splatter painting.  Or move outside where a few paint splatters won't matter.
learn how to paint a galaxy to turn a recycled tin can into a cool desk organizer
Dip the stencil brush in the white paint.  Use your pointer finger to flick the paint about an inch away from the can.  This should release a shower of meteors onto your galactic can.
How to paint a galaxy onto recycled tin can crafts to make a pretty upcycled desk organizer
Splatter some constellations inside the top edge of the can for complete galactic awesomeness.  Then let it dry completely.  Once dry you can coat with a clear finish, or just fill with markers, pens, pencils and enjoy!
Galaxy painting technique used to make a cool recycled craft with tin cans

Go ahead and let your creativity soar!  Add a Millennium Falcon, a TARDIS or the Starship Enterprise for an ultimately geeky finishing touch.

Starry Night!

This is such a fun craft for summer camps, youth groups or just to keep your office supplies tidy and classy.  You could even paint your pens to match.
Learn how to paint a galaxy to turn an empty can into a cool recycled craft

How to paint a galaxy to turn a recycled tin can into an awesome craft to organize your desk
Epic galaxy painting project - turn a tin can into a cool recycled craft desk organizer

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Natalie Shaw is a Craft/DIY blogger at Doodle Craft. She loves sci-fi, fantasy and video game geekery and that comes out in many of her projects. She posts budget conscious DIY’s, crafts, jewelry, kid friendly projects, upcycled treasures and other fun on her blog 5 days a week.You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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