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DIY Lush Inspired Bath Bomb Recipe (Smells Like Bubblegum!)

Bubblegum scented DIY bath bomb recipe inspired by Lush
Looking for a Lush inspired bath bomb recipe that's perfect for your kids? 

You're in the right place!

Learning how to make bath bombs isn't hard to do and the results are magical! Let me show you how to make a fun bath fizzy that smells great and is perfect for gift giving.

I think this is one of the best bath bomb recipes for teens or tweens. The sprinkles make it fun and it smells like bubble gum!

Of course, we aren't fans of artificial fragrances in our bath products so the bubble gum smell is created through a fun blend of different essential oils.

Making DIY bath bombs would be a fun project for a sleepover or crafteroon at home. I even made you a clickable bath bomb supply list so you can add everything to your Amazon cart and have it sent to you at home.

Green tea bath bomb recipe

Looking for more Lush inspired bath bomb recipes?

Get my relaxing green tea bath bomb recipe featuring lemongrass and lavender essential oils.

Get the recipe here >> How to Make Bath Bombs with Relaxing Green Tea & Essential Oils

DIY Bath Bomb Recipe
How to make Lush Inspired Bath Bombs at Home

How to make bath bombs with sprinkles

Are you ready to learn how to make these super fun bath bombs?

Let's go!


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You will also need:

About essential oils for bath bombs:

Just like store bought products, it's possible to be allergic to bath products you make at home. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to any of these essential oils or other bath bomb ingredients,  don't use them!

There are lots of high quality but expensive essential oils on the market.

I personally purchase most of my essential oils from either Rocky Mountain Oils or Plant Therapy. Both of these companies do GCMS testing (a type of chemical purity testing) on every batch of oil and freely share that information with consumers. (Neither DoTerra nor Young Living do that!).

Shipping from Rocky Mountain Oils is always free and they have a great selection of organic essential oils so they are usually my go-to. If RMO doesn't have what I'm looking for, I'll take a look at Plant Therapy - they have some great blends, especially around the holidays.

Homemade bath bomb recipe with sprinkles


How to make a bath bomb step 1: 

Add baking soda, citric acid, SLSA and cream of tartar to a large bowl. Use a whisk to blend all ingredients together.

How to make bath bombs

How to make a bath bomb step 2: 

In a small glass bowl, melt coconut oil in the microwave until runny (about 15-20 seconds).  Add liquid soap dye and essential oils to coconut oil and mix well.

How to make a bath bomb step 3: 

Use a whisk or your hands to blend the liquid mix into the dry ingredients 1 Tbsp at a time.

Easy DIY bath bomb recipe

how to make a Bath bomb recipe

How to make a bath bomb step 4: 

If after adding the oil mixture, the mix is too dry, use the spray bottle to spray rubbing alcohol a bit at a time and incorporate into dry mixture using your hands.

how to make bath bombs

How to make a bath bomb step 5: 

You will know when the mixture is perfect when it feels like wet sand and you can press the mixture together in your hands and it stays together.

Pro tip: Use your spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to spritz your mixture if it gets too dry as you are adding it to your mold. Give a few spritzes and mix together until it has that wet sand feel again.

DIY bath bombs

How to make a bath bomb step 6: 

Add a small amount of sprinkles to the inside of the bath bomb mold.

how to make bath bombs with sprinkles

How to make a bath bomb step 7: 

 Add bath bomb mixture into both sides of the mold. Be sure to overfill on each side.

How to make bath bombs with sprinkles

How to make a bath bomb step 8: 

Firmly press molds together. Gently tap top and sides of the mold and release bath bomb. Allow to dry overnight before using or storing for later.

DIY lush bath bombs with sprinkles

That's it!
Easy DIY bath bomb recipe with sprinkles

How to make DIY bath bombs. This Lush inspired bath bomb recipe is perfect for kids. The homemade recipe uses natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrances to achieve a yummy bubblegum scent.

If you love this DIY Bubblegum & Sprinkles Bath Bomb tutorial, be sure to pin it to save it for later!

How to make DIY bath bombs. This Lush inspired bath bomb recipe is perfect for kids. The homemade recipe uses natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrances to achieve a yummy bubblegum scent. #bathbombs #bathbombrecipes


Creative Green Living has the best bath bomb recipes! Learn how to make bath bombs at home with any of these great DIY bath bomb recipes.

Homemade bath bomb recipe for Lush inspired avocado bath bombs
This moisturizing avocado bath bomb recipe is inspired by a Lush Bath Bomb recipe best seller called AvoBath.

These easy homemade bath bombs harness the power of green tea to make a relaxing green tea bath with the fun of a bath bomb.

This easy bath bomb recipe is super simple and includes the surprise of finding a toy inside! This is the best bath bomb recipe for kids.

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