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How to Make Bath Bombs for Kids: An Easy Bath Bomb Recipe

Easy bath bomb recipe - the best basic bath bomb recipe to learn how to make bath bombs for kids

Are your kids obsessed with bath bombs? I can teach you how to make bath bombs for kids!

This easy bath bomb recipe features simple ingredients and teaches you how to put toys inside bath bombs as well! Fun!

Some DIY bath bomb recipes include essential oils that aren't kid safe. This super simple DIY bath bomb recipe is the perfect plain, basic bath bomb.

If you are comfortable using essential oils on your kids, you can try a soothing kid-safe oil like this Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Rocky Mountain Oils, which is a kid safe oil that promotes relaxation.

Another great thing about this bath bomb recipe? It teaches you how to make kids bath bombs with toys inside! They really make bath time fun for your kids - not only do you get the bath fizzy experience but they get a fun prize, too!

Ready to get started making DIY bath bombs? Let's do this!

Looking for more DIY bath bomb recipes?

I have more than 17 DIY bath bomb recipes and links to all my favorite bath bomb making supplies here >> Best Bath Bomb Recipes

How to Make Bath Bombs for Kids
A super easy bath bomb recipe with only 3 ingredients

The easiest, most simple, bath bomb recipe. Learn how to make DIY bath bombs for kids that you can make both with and for kids! #creativegreenliving #bathbombs #DIYbathbombs #bathbombrecipe #bathbombsforkids

DIY Bath Bomb Supplies

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A note about essential oils: These bath bombs are UNSCENTED as many children are sensitive to smells.

If you would like to add essential oils, I love this Organic Lavender Essential Oil from Rocky Mountain Oils, which is a kid safe oil that promotes relaxation (perfect for pre-bedtime baths!). To use it, add 10-20 drops before adding the water.

Another kid safe essential oil option for bath bombs include chamomile.

You can even do half chamomile and half lavender essential oils in the same bath bomb. Start with 5 drops of each and work up from there.


How to make bath bombs for kids step 1: 

Have everything measured and the bath bomb molds out.

Double check that your toy will fit into the center of the mold you would like to use.

You may need to bend their legs or adjust their arms so they fit.

DIY bath bombs for kids with toys inside. This easy bath bomb recipe is safe for kids and make a great gift!

How to make bath bombs for kids step 2: 

Thoroughly mix together the baking soda and citric to make the dry base for the bath bomb.

Bath bomb fun fact: When the baking soda and citric acid get wet, they create the chemical reaction that makes the bath bomb fizzy! Cool!

Bath bomb recipe to make with kids. This recipe is easy to make and the recipe is simple enough that kids can help, too!

How to make bath bombs for kids step 3: 

DIY bath bomb tip: For this step, I advise you wear gloves!

If you want to add essential oil, add the drops over the dry mixture now.

If you want to add soap coloring, add it now as well. Remember just a few drops will go a long way!

Very slowly pour about a teaspoon of water into your hand. Use your hand to massage the water into the dry mixture.

Continue adding 1 teaspoon of water at a time, massaging it into the dry ingredients as you go until the mixture will clump together when squeezed in your hand.

If you find you accidentally added too much liquid to your bath bomb recipe, add more baking soda and citric acid to the bowl. Massage it in as you go until the correct texture is acquired.

How to make bath bombs for kids with toys inside.

How to make bath bombs for kids STEP 4: 

Scoop up some of the bath bomb mixture into one half of the bath bomb mold--do not pack it down.

Next, press your toy into it, mound more of the mixture on top.

Then fill the other half of the mold with more of the mixture (mounding extra on top).

Quickly press the two halves together -- hard.

I find that if I use a slight twisting pressure in from both sides it helps to lock the two sides together.

DIY bath bomb tip: If your toy is too large, there may not be quite enough surface space for the two sides to bond together. If you are putting toys inside and are having a hard time getting the sides to stick together, try using a larger mold to accommodate your toy.

Black duplo girl in bath bomb - learn how to make DIY bath bombs for kids with toys inside

How to make bath bombs for kids step 5: 

You should be able to carefully and easily remove the bath bomb molds from the bath fizzy.

If it is sticking, you can use a wood or silicone spoon to gently tap on the molds to try to help loosen them.

Sometimes they stick because the mixture is too wet. If this is the case, put all the bath bomb mixture back in the bowl and add more baking soda and citric acid until the mix is dry but still holds it shape when squeezed.

Learn how to make DIY bath bombs at home with this simple recipe that is safe for kids. I even teach you how to hide a toy inside!

How to make bath bombs for kids step 6: 

Allow the bath bombs to air dry until completely solid. Depending on humidity this may be 24 to 48 hours. They’re done when they sound and feel crusty.

How to use the bath bombs

When you're ready to enjoy your bath bomb, simply let your child add it to water in a bowl or their bath and be surprised by toy the center!

These DIY bath bombs also make great gifts, stocking stuffers or Easter basket filler. Just wrap them in plastic to keep them dry before bath time.

Clear snap-together ornament molds can be used to shape bath bombs and also make a convenient way to package them and keep them dry until you are ready to use them!

That's it!
The easiest, most simple, bath bomb recipe. Learn how to make DIY bath bombs for kids that you can make both with and for kids! #creativegreenliving #bathbombs #DIYbathbombs #bathbombrecipe #bathbombsforkids

Easy bath bomb recipe for kids. Learn how to make bath fizzies for kids with this simple three ingredient bath bomb recipe.

how to make children's bath bombs with toys hidden inside

DIY Bath Bomb Troubleshooting & FAQ

If you run into trouble while making this bath bomb recipe, check out answers to some of the common issues, problems and questions people have when making bath bombs below.

How do you make bath bombs with essential oils?

If you want to add essential oils to your bath bombs, just add them right before adding the water. Don't forget to check to be sure your essential oil is safe for kids!

How do you make bath bombs more fizzy?

To keep the ingredients kid safe and reduce your chance of having a bad reaction with sensitive skin, this recipe is admittedly super simple. 

While your bath bomb will definitely fizz, if you want to upgrade to intense fizzing action, try this recipe that teaches you how to make bath bombs like lush with SLSA and cream of tartar.

Can you make bath bombs without molds?

You don't have to buy "bath bomb molds" to make DIY bath bombs at home! Bath bomb mold substitutes include snap together plastic Christmas ornaments and plastic easter eggs.

You could also use an ice cube tray (funky shapes encouraged!) or just form balls with your hands.

Of course, using a mold will create a more professional looking result but if you care less about looks and more about performance, get creative and use what you have around the house!

Can bath bombs grow mold?

If you made this recipe without any additives (so just baking soda, citric acid and water), the pH of the bath bombs should not support mold growth. Even with additives - a few drops of essential oil or soap coloring shouldn't change the pH enough to support mold growth.

If you think your bath bomb is growing mold, stick to the when in doubt, throw it out rule. If your bath bomb looks or smells off, toss it and make a fresh batch.

What makes the bath bombs fizz?

When you add a bath bomb to water, the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) are able to create a chemical reaction that creates CO2 (also known as Carbon Dioxide). Neat! 

Adding other ingredients like SLSA, cream of tartar and polysorbate can enhance this fizzing reaction. Check out my other bath bomb recipes to see different variations of this recipe.

How long do bath bombs need to dry?

In most places, your bath bombs will be dry in about 24 hours. If you live in a very humid climate, it may take your bath bombs longer to dry.

How long to bath bombs last in the tub?

That depends on the size! Small bath bombs will dissolve faster and large bath bombs take longer to be used up. Want to try and make a super mega bath bomb? Try using small bowls to serve as a mold and pack the entire contents of one batch of this recipe into a single bath bomb!

How long do you let the bath bomb sit in the mold?

You can remove your bath bombs from the molds right away. Depending on how damp your mixture wasn, this can sometimes lead to a slightly flattened bottom side as the mixture flattens slightly while drying.

To keep a round shape, press the mix in the mold and remove one half. Allow the bath bomb to sit in one half of the mold for 15-30 minutes before gently removing and allowing to dry mold free.

Are bath bombs toxic?

Storebought bath bombs can contain hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates and parabens. My bath bomb recipe uses only food grade ingredients that are safe and nontoxic (as long as you are not allergic to any of the ingredients!)

If you love this easy bath bomb recipe, be sure to pin it to save it for later!

How to make DIY bath bombs for kids! Learn how to make simple 3 ingredient bath bombs for kids that have prizes inside! These simple bath bombs are easy to make at home. You can make them with your favorite essential oils if you'd like but you could leave them unscented, too. These are perfect to make with kids and for kids. #creativegreenliving #bathbombs#DIYbathbombs #diybath#howtomakebathbombs#bathbombrecipe #kids #kidscraft #kidsbathbombs #simplebathbombs #DIYbeauty


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