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How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament

How to make a Unicorn Christmas ornament - an easy DIY craft project for kids

If you are obsessed with unicorn crafts like I am, it only makes sense to carry that obsession over into Christmas!

This easy unicorn DIY project lets you turn a humble wood slice into a unicorn Christmas ornament.

This unicorn craft is super easy and perfect for kids to make. You could even personalize the unicorns by painting the back and then writing the creator's name (or a gift recipient's name).

You can make your own wood cookies from trees that fall down during storms or buy them online.

Besides the wood cookies, If you are crafty at all, you likely have all the craft supplies you need to make these easy unicorn Christmas ornaments.

Ready to get started on this fun unicorn Christmas craft? 
Let's do it!

Do you love unicorns? Me, too!

I've got lots of great unicorn craft tutorials to share! Many of them come with free downloadable templates to make crafting even easier! Get all the unicorn craft tutorials here >>

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament

DIY unicorn ornaments made from wood slices, felt scaps and glitter foam


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Unicorn craft supplies


How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 1: 

If your wood slice came pre-drilled with a string, start by removing the string so you have a bare wood slice.

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 2: 

Paint the wood slice white, pink or purple. Allow paint to dry completely.

Unicorn DIY

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 3: 

Cut triangles for unicorn ears from felt scraps and slightly smaller triangles for inner ears from bright pink felt as shown.

How to make a unicorn

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 4: 

Adhere the inner ear to the outer ear with glue.

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 5: 

Fold the ear at the middle and add a dab of glue towards the bottom and pinch to shape the ear. A quick grab glue like Aleene's Fast Grab glue is great for this but hot glue works, too. Just be careful not to burn your fingers with hot glue!

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 6: 

Cut two identical unicorn horn shapes from gold glitter foam. Glue pieces together back to back.

Christmas unicorn

Unicorn head

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 7: 

Glue horn on top of the wood slice.

Unicorn DIY

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 8: 

Glue the unicorn ears on top of the wood slice on either side of the unicorn horn.

Unicorn Christmas craft

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 9: 

Glue sequin flowers and leaves to the top of the unicorn. You can also buy pre-assembled sequin flowers on Amazon here if you prefer.

how to make a unicorn ornament

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 10: 

Use a black paint pen to add eyes with lashes to the unicorn as shown.

Unicorn Christmas Ornament

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 11: 

Turn the ornament over and glue twine or ribbon to the back for hanging.

Unicorn DIY

How to Make a Unicorn Christmas Ornament STEP 12: 

Your unicorn ornaments are finished and ready to be the star of the tree!

These make adorable Christmas gifts -- personalize them by painting and writing the gift recipient's name on the back! These also make whimsical package adornments or gift tag substitutes.

unicorn ornament

That's it!
How to make a unicorn

Unicorn DIY ornament

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I love these cute unicorn Christmas ornaments! This unicorn craft tutorial is easy to make with felt and glitter foam scaps. No vinyl cutting machine or fancy templates required! Click over to learn how to make these handmade wood slice unicorn ornaments - they're perfect for gifts! #unicorns #unicornstuff #unicorncrafts #christmasornaments #ornaments #woodslice #christmascrafts

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  2. So cute! My girls would love these. :)

  3. Can I buy one of the unicorn ornaments that you made? :-)

    1. I'm not currently selling these but I did find this similar one on Etsy that you may enjoy:


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