How to Make DIY Unicorn Pumpkins with No Carving Mess!

No-carve unicorn pumpkin craft with unicorn horn, flower crown and eyelashes
If you love all things unicorn, you will absolutely love this DIY pumpkin craft that is perfect for Halloween!

Hi Creative friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing a fun no carve pumpkin craft featuring everyone's favorite animal: unicorns!

I have two different ways you can make this easy unicorn craft for Halloween:

You can make a cute unicorn girl pumpkin or a cool unicorn boy pumpkin with sunglasses. Easy and adorable!

If you hate the mess of carving pumpkins, this is an especially wonderful solution to decorating pumpkins. No sharp tools or goopy mess required!

I made these with fresh white pumpkins but if you want them to last forever, you can buy convincing looking fake pumpkins online.

How to Decorate a Unicorn Pumpkin for Halloween!


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Easy DIY Halloween Unicorn pumpkin crafts


DIY Unicorn Pumpkin STEP 1: Make Unicorn Horns

Begin by making the horns.

Roll out a piece of gold clay into a horn about 3 inches long and 3/4" wide at the base.  It should end at a point.

How to make a unicorn horn

Then insert a toothpick into the base of the horn, leaving about an inch and a half exposed outside of the base of the unicorn horn.  

Bake in the oven according to the package directions for the clay you are using.

Let the horns cool completely.
How to make a unicorn horn

DIY Unicorn Pumpkin STEP 2: Attach Unicorn Horns

If your pumpkins have stems, now is the time to remove them.

How to make a unicorn pumpkin craft

Insert the toothpick at the base of the unicorn horns into the pumpkins, right on top.

How to add a unicorn horn to a pumpkin

DIY Unicorn Pumpkin STEP 3: Decorate your unicorn 

Now we'll use colored felt to customize each Unicorn.

felt scaps

You can freehand the way you cut out ears, flowers and other accessories.

Need some help? Wish you had a unicorn pattern? The pieces from the Unicorn Mason Jar Project could also be used on this pumpkin project!
Easy felt flowers made with flower rolling technique

You'll still have to freehand the shades for the unicorn wearing sunnies so that the size and shape of the sunglasses match the pumpkin you are using.

Felt unicorn accessories

DIY Unicorn Pumpkin STEP 4: Glue the unicorn crowns together

After the felt has been customized, it is time to hot glue them directly onto the pumpkin.

Begin with the pointy ears. Then add flowers and other accessories as desired.

How to add unicorn ears and flowers to a unicorn pumpkin craft

DIY Unicorn Pumpkin STEP 5: Add sleepy unicorn eyes

Now add little eyes or a smile with a paintbrush and fine detail paintbrush.

Unicorn pumpkin craft

Let the paint dry and enjoy!

How to make a no-carve unicorn pumpkin craft

How to make a pretty unicorn pumpkin craft project

Which do you like best?  I love them both together, they look like they are getting married!

Best Halloween unicorn crafts - how to make a DIY unicorn pumpkin without carving

It's Magical!

How to make cute unicorn pumpkins without carving.

Creating customized Unicorn pumpkins is so much fun--and no carving is required!

How to make no carve, no mess, easy DIY unicorn pumpkins! This is such a cute and clever DIY unicorn craft. It's the perfect way to decorate an adorable unicorn pumpkin for Halloween. #unicorns #unicorncraft #nocarvepumpkin #pumpkincraft

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