Friday, August 15, 2014

Dining Room Makeover Update: Chairs

This post is brought to you by Sauder.

I'm slowly plugging away at my dining room makeover and I'm WAY overdue for an update for you guys!

As a reminder, here is what my dining room looked like when I got started:

Here is where I'm at today:

Huge Difference!
(and I'm not even done yet!)

As a reminder, let me re-cap what I've done so far:

First, I swapped out my wine rack for a salvaged dresser turned sideboard

It even has a secret inside:

Next, I painted the walls a pretty teal color. Did I mention that I didn't tell my husband that I was going to do it either? 

Time for new chairs!
While they are pretty comfortable, the chairs I had before are terribly impractical for a family with kids and really needed to be switched out. The woven texture isn't able to be wiped off - so food can get stuck to them pretty easily. My kid is also a picker and likes to pick at the reed - meaning now some of them are tattered looking from being picked at. Ugh.

These chairs from Sauder, however, are exactly what I needed:

The yellow goes nicely with the teal walls. They are easy to wipe off. They are the perfect size for kid butts.

Not only are these chairs cute but they are made using engineered wood - a composite made with a mixture of trimmings and milling leftovers - meaning they use the leftovers from lumber that has already been cut down and milled instead of cutting down new ones to make their furniture.

They have a few different styles of chairs in this collection and they each come in three different colors - yellow, grey and "rainwater" (a grey teal color). I loved both the grey and yellow. To help me decide which color to get, I made a mock up on my dining room in photoshop and with the help of you guys (or those of you following me on Instagram!) I picked out the yellow.

We did have a little bit of a hiccup putting them together because we didn't orient a hole in the leg braces properly. It turns out you need to read all the words in the assembly instructions as well as the notes on the drawing itself. So if you get chairs like these, just be sure to read the instructions meticulously - don't just look at the pictures.

Luckily, Sauder customer service was able to ship me out a couple replacement parts for the ones that got ruined during our first assembly attempt. And now they look great:

One thing that was a little unexpected (but that I love) is that the paint wears down quite a bit on its own. After just a couple weeks of use, the tops of the chairs were a little chippy:

Now, I actually really like this. The (non-Sauder) table and sideboard in the room both have a chippy look - which I picked mostly to be proactive about letting the inevitable dings that happen to furniture when two boys are running around be able to blend in. If I wanted my furniture to be immaculate, it was just inevitably going to get ruined and Mommy was going to get mad. Because the paint chipped on its own, though, now my chairs have a cool, worn, vintage look that I prefer. I mention it, though, because if the smooth, immaculate look is what you prefer, these chairs might not be for you unless you live with all adults.

You can buy these chairs online directly from Sauder or look for their online vendor locator to find somewhere local to pick them up.

Stay tuned because I can't wait to tell you about the wall above the sideboard and what we did to it!

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sponsored post disclosure: I was provided with these chairs by Sauder in exchange for using them as a part of my dining room makeover and writing about my experience with them. See my full sponsored post and review policy for more details.

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