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Mommy Peace of Mind with Snuza Trio Plus! {and GIVEAWAY}

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We're three months into life with Baby A (read his birth story here) and let me tell you: adjusting to life with two kids can be an adventure! I am so blessed that my four year old love his baby brother - but that can sometimes be a challenge, too. In fact, that may be one of the biggest challenges as a mom to two - he loves his brother so much he just won't leave that poor kid alone!

This, of course, presents a unique obstacle when thinking about moving the two kids into the same room - which is the eventual plan. I could easily see K wanting to do any of the following if the baby starts crying:
  • Climb into the baby's crib with him - and inadvertently squish or smother him
  • Try to tuck him in with a blanket - and not be careful about his airway
  • Try to share his pillow pet with him - by putting it on top of the baby 
  • Try to share his teddy bear with him - by putting it on top of the baby
It's enough to make me want to co-sleep until he's big enough to defend himself. But let me tell you, my husband is not a fan of this idea! (please note: I know lots of families do extended co-sleeping and I think that's great - it's just not the right fit for my family.)

Because of this ongoing concern about keeping an eye not only on the baby - but on his big brother, too - I agreed to try out the Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System  to see if it could help our family overcome some of these obstacles.

Set Up

The Snuza Trio Plus comes with a camera, a portable video monitor and a Snuza Hero - a portable monitor that clips onto the baby's diaper to detect motion and which alerts you if it doesn't sense baby moving (which might indicate baby has stopped breathing).

Set up is super easy:

Plug in the camera and place it in the room with the baby. Hold down the power button until the green light turns on. Be sure to put the camera and cables out of reach of the baby!

You can run the monitor on the AC cable or via the rechargeable battery. Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. From the monitor, you can see the temperature of the room Baby is in as well as control the camera.

Snuza Hero:
Clip onto the front of Baby's diaper so the purple tip is resting on baby's belly. We use cloth diapers and it worked great. More on this below.

What We Thought

Baby A is still waking up a couple times at night to eat so we haven't actually transitioned him into the crib in Big Brother's room yet but we have still spent a lot of time using it - and I'm not sure how we got along without it!

One of my favorite ways to use it is as a way to keep an eye on a napping baby and get work done at the same time. We live in a two story house. I can nurse the baby to sleep upstairs in a dark room and then come downstairs and get some work done. He'll sleep longer because he's in a more ideal sleep environment and I'll get more work done because I can see what's happening - and won't be stopping to go check on him when he's really fine. 

One thing my husband and I noticed the first time we used it was that while he's sleeping, he sometimes makes noises that would make us go check on him if we were just using a sound monitor. With the Snuza we can see if he's happy or just making noise in his sleep or if he really needs to be tended to.

 Even though the camera is both in color and infrared (so it can see in the dark), you're not limited to using at night time or for naps. For example, even though I have an open floor plan in my downstairs, I can't see the living room from the spot I stand in to make dinner. With the Snuza, I can put baby A down for tummy time and keep an eye on both him and big brother with the camera while chopping veggies.

Snuza Hero

Even though all three pieces come together, I found that we used the camera separately from the Hero. The Hero clips onto Baby's diaper and detects motion. If no motion is detected after 20 seconds, it will vibrate. If no motion is detected after three vibration attempts, an audible alarm (it's loud!) will alert parents there might be a problem. (pro tip: if you need to change baby's diaper, turn it off instead of just setting it on the changing table. Like I said - it's loud!)

This gave me particular peace of mind when Baby A had a cold a couple weeks ago. Even though we know most babies - even sick ones - will wake up in the morning that doesn't stop parents from worrying about SIDS. We have friends who lost a baby to SIDS and the thought that I'd put my baby to sleep and he might stop breathing in the middle of the night and I'd never know scares the snot out of me. The Snuza Hero helps me feel better knowing that this little gizmo keeps track of my baby all night - even when I'm sleeping.

While we haven't used it in the car ourselves, I think it would be great to use on a newborn for car travel, too. Once when my little sister was a baby, she stopped breathing while my dad was driving with her in the car. Luckily, she had a monitor on her that alerted my dad (she was a preemie - so was issued this monitor by the hospital). After hearing that story my husband in particular has always been worried that our newborns will stop breathing if they fall asleep in the car. The Snuza Hero would be a great tool to use to help detect problems with baby while traveling.

The Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System gets two thumbs up from Creative Green Living! I love it for ease of use and peace of mind. This is a great example of a way that technology has made parenting easier! It would make the perfect shower or holiday gift for parents and parents to be on your list. 


Snuza is letting me give away a Snuza Hero! When you enter, you'll also be entered in the group giveaway for a Snuza Trio Plus! 

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  1. I loved the feeling of being complete as a family

  2. I loved my daughter seeing her sister for the first time. She was in awe.

  3. Sharing the joy of our newborn with Daddy and seeing how proud he was!

  4. Not sure my first comment worked! One of my favorite memories of bringing my kids home was letting the reality of the experience sink in. I was so grateful to God for them- and in awe.

  5. Having my daughter snuggled with me when we were finally alone at home. It was wonderful.


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