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2018 List of Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking stuffers kids will love from Creative Green Living

Christmas gift hunting mode in in full effect and now you need killer stocking stuffer ideas for kids! Whether you are stuffing a stocking for a guy or gal, I've got more than 50 ideas they are sure to love!

These are the best stocking stuffers for kids. This entire list is 100% kiddo approved! 

Both my eight year old and four year old helped me find gifts to put in this guide that both they and their friends would love! There are lots of great stocking stuffer ideas for boys and girls.

If you want the absolute best stocking stuffer ideas for kids, I've got them right here! Tons of suggestions for her or for him. Whether your kids love cats, Minecraft, unicorns, of whatever! There is something for everyone you are shopping for!
This stocking stuffer gift guide is designed for elementary age kids from kindergarten, through tweens and into early teen years.

What are the best stocking stuffers for kids?

For our guide, I really wanted to focus on stocking stuffer ideas that:
  • Kids will really use
  • They will love to receive
  • That won't break in five minutes
  • That aren't candy
We think the best way to make gifts sustainable is to give things that people actually want and will really use. This prevents more junk from ending up in the landfill.

Jellybean pooping plastic reindeer are fun for a few minutes (or even a full day!) but quickly break and are discarded before we even get into January.

I want to help you avoid giving cheap plastic presents that will just end up in the trash!

What do you put in a Christmas Stocking?

So many things! From fruit (oranges are a traditional item to add to stockings reminiscent of St Nicholas' sacks of gold), to personal care products, to school supplies, to hats, mittens and more!

Do you have a Christmas stocking stuffer favorite that didn't make it onto this list? Tell me about it in the comments!

Whether you want stocking stuffers that are cheap or unique, this list is full of easy stocking stuffers for kids because you can buy everything online!

2018 Guide to the Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas Kids Will Love

This gift guide contains both affiliate links and sponsored placements.

The best stocking stuffers to give your kids for Christmas! There are tons of good ideas in this post for both boys and girls. Any elementary age children will love these fun ideas and products suggestions that are family friendly for the holidays. #creativegreenchristmas #creativegreenliving #stockingstuffers #giftideas #christmasgifts #stockings #stockingstufferideas

Amaze Cube Money Maze Bank #stockingstuffersforkids
Amaze Cube Money Maze Bank
We all have that person on our list who just wants cash for Christmas. Now, you can give them the gift of money without having to slip a few dollars in their stocking.

This is also a fun way to give them a hint to send them on a treasure hunt or to tell them where a bigger present is!

I have given these to both my son and husband and we re-use it for all kinds of fun things. It also doubles as a way to keep little brothers and sisters away from your cash or other special things if they aren't quite big enough to understand how it works yet.

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Lip Balm #christmasgiftideas
If you are looking for an eco-friendly lip balm that also moisturizes your lips, Mongo Kiss won’t disappoint. Using only organic ingredients, these lip balms are the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone in your family.

The tubes are a large diameter which makes them harder to loose and means they will last the full year (or more!).

These hair ties are made of quality elastic, and won’t crease or damage your hair! This 25 pack of hair elastics come in a variety of different colors for whatever mood you’re in or color you need!

This chalk pack not only allows your kids to create Crayola masterpieces on the sidewalk, but when you’re done, you have the ability to wash it all away with just water! No more leftover stains on the driveway, or waiting until the next rainy day.

Do you want to fill your yard or unused spaces with beautiful wildflowers?

These seed balls will allow you to grow beautiful wildflowers to help support pollinators and bring a bit of wild beauty to your spaces. 

Tangle pets are a not only a brush, but a cute plush stuffed animal too! Even kids who hate brushing their hair will find it more fun with these plush stuffie friends to help

This brush is not only adorable, but works on all types of hair.

Panda washcloth bath mitt
This bathtime panda mitt will not only make bath time fun, but is way better than the traditional washcloth. These bath mitts make bath time fun for everyone!

This adorable owl pencil sharpener is small but durable! This is great for a kid’s pencil box or school desk. The pack comes with 8 sharpeners so it's perfect if you have multiple kids. Depending on how many kids you have, you may even have enough leftover to share with their friend.

Bubbles are always a classic! This brand of bubbles works great.
Bubbles are always a classic! This brand of bubbles works great.

These bubbles are great for kids of any age, and will always be a great stocking stuffer idea. The small bottle size fits easily in a stocking.

This washable kid’s paint is perfect for painting projects and crafting. It's easy to clean up and washed out of most fabrics if you wash it right away.

These binoculars aren’t just adorable, but these child-friendly binoculars will allow them to explore their environment!

This pair of binoculars has 4 x 25 adjustable field glasses for viewing distant and close up objects.

This adorable flashlight is the perfect stocking stuffer for your kids! Whether they love nighttime exploring, or need a buddy to help them not be afraid of the dark, this flashlight will light the way.

This washi tape set is perfect for crafters and bullet journal users! This tape won’t damage walls or furniture making it a fun way to redecorate with little to no effort.

Washi tape is also great for personalizing school supplies and all kinds of other mess-free crafts.

These Rainbow Writer pencils will allow kids to blend colors and create amazing designs! Not only can you create fun designs with one pencil, but it even erases just like a regular pencil.

These colored pencils are strong and durable, making them great for coloring books and other art activities.

I love letting my kids have a box of pencils to keep in the car or travel with them. Inevitably, some get lost throughout the year so Christmas is a great time to replenish their supply.

These CLIF fruit ropes are a gluten free fruit snack with a delicious tangy and chewy taste. This is just as sweet as candy, but without the artificial food dye and added corn syrup.

This glue isn’t just colorful. It also is safe and nontoxic making it perfect for making colorful slime without any food coloring.

If your kids love making slime, giving them a variety of fun glues will be a hit.

If your child likes mythical creatures, they are going to love this fun mad libs game! This mad libs book has 21 different stories for both adults and kids to enjoy.

These are great for car rides or traveling when you need to while away some time without electronics.

Unicorns make everything better and this toothpaste is no exception! This brand of toothpaste is fortified with salt from the dead sea instead of fluoride.

The fun unicorn will help kids have more fun brushing their teeth! Plus it tastes good.

This jump rope is perfect for easy storage, and is adjustable! You can use this lightweight rope indoors or outdoors. The plastic handles are made from plastic milk jugs. The plastics that green toys use is BPA free and phthalate free.

This outdoor paint set is great quality and is both UV and weather resistant. This paint is great for wood, metal, terra cotta, and so much more. If you and your family has gotten into rock painting, they will love having this set of 32 colors without having to buy 32 full size paint bottles.
These are a perfect accompaniment for the outdoor paint set above or the washable kid paint further up. Whether you are making crafts or doing a few DIYs around the house, these paint brushes are just what you need to get the job done with precision. Much better than sloppy "kid" paint brushes.

This fun and relaxing bubble bath smells amazing and is perfect for an end of day soak.

This bubble bath is nontoxic and free of sketchy ingredients like parabens and phthalates. The soothing lavender scent is perfect for winding down right before bed, too.

Are your kids obsessed with squishy things? These squishy pens come in such a wide variety of different creatures, and they are squishy making them extra fun to write with! Perfect for sensory seekers or squish aficionados.
Long Range Walkies Talkies

These long range walkie talkies are great for little boys or girls to use with you or their friends! There are three different channels, and even a two mile range!

This might be the perfect compromise for a kid who thinks they need a cell phone but isn't really going that far from you. Stay screen free but stay in touch.

This is also a great way for them to prove they are responsible enough to take care of a phone without the financial risk of a real cell phone getting lost.

This necklace is perfect for those on your list who love aromatherapy or who enjoy the benefits of essential oils. This beautiful piece of jewelry is only pretty, but functional too! It comes with lots of different pads to easily swap out scents or to match your outfit.

Bath bombs area all the rage! They are great for kids because they make bath time more fun. They smell amazing, and the colors are vibrant and fun.

Feeling crafty? Make these DIY Bath Bombs yourself! You can customize the scent and I even show you how to hide toys inside if you'd like!

This adorable winter ski hat will not only keep your kids warm, but it also has mittens to keep your hands warm too! It's super cute and perfect for anyone who loves pandas!

This unicorn hat and glove set will fit most girls sizes, and keep them warm during the cold winter days.

These fingerless gloves also can be made into mittens! These adorable bunny flip gloves will not only keep your fingers warm when it’s cold, but make a fashion statement too.

Is there anything more classic than a slinky? This awesome slinky toy will keep adults and kids entertained for hours.

This one is made from steel - just like an old school Slinky - so it's less likely to break than the cheap plastic ones.

These vegetable seeds are an adorable stocking stuffer for the budding gardener in your life. Even if your kids aren't gardeners yet, kids are more likely to eat veggies that they helped grow themselves so this might be worth a shot with your picky eater.

This kids gardening set is perfect for little kids who want to help out in the garden. These tools actually work and are made or durable metal and wood instead of cheap plastic. This would be great to pair with the seed packets featured above.

This makeup pouch doesn’t have to just be for storing makeup! You can store craft supplies, pencile, paint brushes, and so much more. Any mermaid sequin lover will be able to use  it to store their favorite treasures.

These small little plush toys have eight to a set, and include some of your child’s favorite Squishmallow characters! This set includes raccoon, unicorn, squirrel, cat, pegasus, owl, and panda.

This box is a little big to fit in a stocking by itself. Take the individual squisjmallows out to put in each kid's stocking and share the rest with their friends.

This adorable piggy paint nail polish set is perfect for kids of all ages! These nail polishes are much less toxic than traditional nail polish (even the "5 free" and "10 free" polishes!). They also don't smell so your budding manicurist can paint inside to her heart's content.

These Minecraft socks are precious and perfect for any Minecraft loving girls or boys in your home. This set includes 6 different socks all with a Minecraft theme.

These adorable cat socks are perfect for any cat lover on your list! They even have a money back guarantee if they don’t make you smile!

You may remember the classic game of UNO, but this game takes it to a whole new level! Now you can play this great game with a touch of magic and unicorns.

Blank Comic Book
Draw your own comics and let your imagination soar with this blank comic book. Perfect for the budding artist or graphic novel lover in your home. There are 110 pages, making it the perfect place for your next big story idea.

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The best stocking stuffers to give your kids for Christmas! There are tons of good ideas in this post for both boys and girls. Any elementary age children will love these fun ideas and products suggestions that are family friendly for the holidays. #creativegreenchristmas #creativegreenliving #stockingstuffers #giftideas #christmasgifts #stockings #stockingstufferideas

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