Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Green Kids & Guest Bathroom Makeover

This post is brought to you by Delta.

We moved into our house almost 6 years ago and the bathroom at the top of the stairs has been neglected for just as long. Of course I had big plans when we first moved in but it just never happened. Finally, this year when I found out my sister was coming to visit for Thanksgiving, I got motivated to finally do something. I started with a neutral base and added bright colors and I love how it turned out - fun for the kids but still nice enough for guests.

Now, I could just show you the before and after picks and let you ooh and ahh with me. I would love to do that. I'm committed to discussing my experiences honestly, though, so the truth is that this was a bit of an adventure and I'm going to tell you all about it. Just want to see the pretty pictures? Scroll to the bottom.

Like I said....we hadn't done much with it. It had a red, Indian style embroidered shower curtain, a dark blue rug and a random picture of some flowers. It had a towel rack but the kids use hooded towels so we almost never had towels actually hanging on it.

Start with Paint
Before I did anything else, I wanted to paint. I worked with Colorhouse, a maker of beautiful zero VOC paints to choose my paint color. Choosing zero VOC paint is important because the toxic VOCs from traditional paint can off-gas in a room for up to five years - long after the "new paint smell" is gone.

I was in quite a rush to get the makeover done so I broke the number one rule for choosing paint colors: I picked it out online. Without looking at a real swatch. I chose Bisque.02.

When the paint arrived it was much lighter than I thought. This was by no means Colorhouse's fault - but trust me - this is why you should look at an actual swatch before you pick out paint colors. Always. I decided I was going to make the most of it and painted all the trim with the Bisque.02. 

Then I pulled out 8 cups of Bisque.02, put it in a pitcher and mixed in 1/2 cup of the grey primer I used when I painted my dining room. Please note: The pitcher, measuring cups and rubber spatula I used to mix paint are dedicated for non-food use. Don't mix paint with your kitchen utensils.

This made the paint just a shade more grey and more like what I had in mind when I chose the color. I used this to paint the rest of the walls. Of course, I used my Quick Painter Edge Painter to cut in and do all the edges before finishing the rest with a roller. I only used one coat and just touched up spots where I thought the paint was thin.

The paint was fabulous to work with and had no smell. And because it's zero VOC, I don't have to worry about adding toxic chemicals to the indoor air my kids are breathing.

Shower Doors
Delta has a great walk through quiz-style website where you can preview different shower door components and mix and match to build a door that's just right for you. I really liked the way the mosaic glass looked and chose hardware that would compliment the faucet I already had in place.

While the quiz has you measure the length of your tub if you'd like tub doors (there are also shower doors available) they do not have you confirm the height of your tub surround. Please note: Your tub surround must extend 58" or more above the edge of the tub or the doors will not fit as designed!

In preparation for installing the doors, we watched the installation video on YouTube. If you're thinking about getting tub doors, definitely check it out. It was really helpful for understanding what we needed to do.

The door and track started to go together smoothly. Everything was great until we installed the top track and it looked like this:

Hmmmm.....well that's no good. There was a really awkward gap between the top of the track and the wall (this is how we discovered that the tub surround must extend 58" even though it isn't printed anywhere in Delta's literature). I contacted Delta customer assistance and the conclusion was that my tub was incompatible with the doors. This was no good because at that point, I had already drilled into my tub - there was no going back so we had to make it work. 

Please note: I'm about to share with you what I did to make it work. This is not an official solution endorsed by Delta. In order to avoid needing to "hack" your door installation, make sure the walls of your tub surround go up at least 58" above the upper edge of the tub. 

We got a new piece of top track and using a piece of cardboard to make a template matching the curve. Instead of cutting the top track to be the length between the side jambs, we cut it the length from wall-to-wall. Then  we cut out a curved notch in the edges using our template and metal cutting wheels  along with our Dremel Micro Rotary Tool

This took quite some time - cutting metal isn't the fastest. As you can see from the picture, it was a little rough. Next, we smoothed it out with a Aluminium Oxide Grinding Stone for the Dremel. Then, as they say, caulk covers a multitude of sins. Here is what the corner looked like when we were done:

So even though needing to hack the shower door installation was rather frustrating and took a lot longer than we'd planned, I really like how the doors look in the bathroom now that it is finished. Plus now we never need to worry about replacing PVC shower curtain liners that wear out or start growing mold.

When I painted the walls, I took the towel rack down and replaced them with individual hooks and monograms for each kid. I made the hooks by installing individual towel hooks on a Darice "Fancy Rectangle" Plaque that I painted with the Colorhouse Bisque.02 paint. I also made each kid a monogram with a papermache letter painted white with washi tape stripes. See the monogram tutorial here!

In the shower, we had a sad white hand shower which worked just fine but was fading and turned brownish (ew). We replaced it with a brand new Temp2O Showerhead from Delta. It is a dream to use and perfect for the kids' bathroom since it lights up and tells you the temperature of the water - reducing the risk of accidental burns.  Since I didn't want to take my camera in a running shower, be sure to pop over to the Temp2O page on Delta's website to see how cool it really is.

Over at the sink, I added a towel loop to the wall. For fun I made a fun tissue box cover, added some colorful mugs from IKEA (one for each kid) and made a mason jar soap pump.

It was a bit of an adventure but other than figuring out how to make the shower door work in our space, none of it was hard. As a reminder, here is what it looked like before:

And this is what it looks like now:

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Sponsored post disclosure: This post was sponsored by Delta. I was compensated for my time spent installing Delta products and crafting this post. I was also provided with a tub door installation kit and a Temp2O shower head by Delta. Colorhouse provided complimentary paint. All other products shown were purchased on my own or made using items I purchased or had on hand. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. it looks great! i love the clean simple "after" pictures and all the fun bright colors.


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