Friday, May 29, 2015

The Fun Way We Helped Our Son Feel Brave Around the Water Again.

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Two summers ago, my husband took my (then 3 year old) son to our community swimming pool by himself. They were walking down the stairs into the shallow end when my son stepped off the bottom step while Joe's back was turned and suddenly he was under water. All the way under water. Apparently the water was about two inches deeper than the top of my son's head. 

Luckily the pool monitor saw it, called to my husband and he was scooped right out. But it was scary. It was scary for my son - who already had water fear issues. It was scary for my husband. And it was maybe even more scary for me as his mom - and I wasn't even there!

Of course this didn't help his water fear issues any and he spent the rest of the summer being terrified of "the big pool" and wanted to play in the one foot deep baby pool for the rest of the summer. And for the next whole summer after that.

I totally get why he's scared. As a former lifeguard myself (and the daughter of a Coast Guardsman) I know that you can go from safe to drowning in the blink of an eye. We got him a traditional vest style life jacket but he never wanted to wear it for swimming - which I understand. They're hard to swim in.

Puddle Jumpers

When I found out about Puddle Jumpers, I thought they might be the solution we needed. Not only are they super fun looking, but they help hold your child in a position that makes it easy for them to navigate in the water.

Plus it's always fun to pretend you're a sea monster. (It's technically a "gator" design - but you don't need to tell him that!)

The Puddle Jumper helped K feel brave enough to go in the big pool for first time in a really long time. And he had so much fun! I'm so thrilled to have found a solution that not only makes my son feel better around the water but gives me peace of mind because I know that he'll be safe in case he accidentally finds himself in water over his head again.

Check it out

Puddle Jumpers are designed for kids that weigh 30-50 pounds and is approved by the Coast Guard for use onboard boats as well. They are available to purchase directly through the Stearns Website: or pick one up locally at your friendly neighborhood Target store.

Don't wait for a scary accident to happen to your kids before you move to get them their own personal flotation device. Buy it now (let them pick it out!) so you will always have it on hand for pool parties, boating, and beach trips.

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Have a safe summer!

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