Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Affordable Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

We love a good gift-giving holiday and Easter is no exception. What I don't love about Easter, though: All the candy. Seriously. So. Much. Candy. Aside from the fact that most traditional candy uses GMO sourced corn syrup or beet sugar, has artificial food dyes (linked to attention disorders in children) - it's just not good for you. Even organic candy isn't great for you. Don't get me wrong, it's way better than the GMO stuff but candy isn't something your body needs.

All that to say: We try to do candy free Easter baskets. Instead of loading up on cheap plastic doo-dads, we also try to pick toys or treats that we know our little guy will love and use and actually play with. 

This is what the Easter basket for our almost-four-year old boy looks like. I hope it will inspire you to do your own candy free basket this year.

Candy Free Easter Basket 

for a 3 or 4 year old boy

Get Started:

To keep things re-usable, we use plastic storage totes from the Dollar Store for Easter baskets. We also grow our own Easter Grass. Learn how to do that here.


All of these goodies were picked up at my local Dollar Tree:
(from top left moving clockwise)
  • Wood toy building kit: helicopter
  • Wood toy building kit: Pirate Ship (wouldn't it be fun to design your own sail, too?)
  • Puzzle in a re-usable tin - portable and more durable than a cardboard box
  • Sidewalk chalk with a cool holder
  • Egg shaped sidewalk chalk - always a huge hit!
  • Porcelain egg painting kit

One Big Toy:

We also like to add in one big toy. We got this panda from IKEA for $5. 

What are you doing for your kids for Easter this year?

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  1. I love this! Kids don't need expensive toys to enjoy Easter and you've described some really great options. Love that you grow your own grass... that plastic grass is so annoying!


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