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Do you wonder if you're drinking enough water? What about your kids? If you're subbing coffee, soda, sugary or artificially flavored drinks for the water your body needs every day, my new book, INFUSED is for you!

How I got started

For 10 years I struggled with an addiction to diet soda. At one point, it wasn't out of the ordinary for me to drink 6-8 cans of diet soda in a 24 hour period. I struggled to give my body the water I knew it needed because, well, I didn't actually like drinking water!

Years of drinking highly flavored beverages made drinking plain ol' H2O highly unappealing. 

When I got serious about breaking myself of the diet soda habit, flavored water was an unexpected ally. When I had delicious fruit and herb infused waters in my fridge, my water consumption more than tripled - and it made it easier for me to say no to drinks in cans. 

After lots of experiments and taste tests with friends and family, I wanted to share my 120 favorite infused water recipes - which is why I wrote Infused!

At only $4.99, it's affordable for everyone!

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