Thursday, August 15, 2013

Super Easy Scrapbooking 101: Meet Project Life

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I've always been really interested in documenting life. Before MySpace and Facebook, I would take and save pictures of things happening around me to put in scrapbooks. The trouble is I was never a talented scrapbooker - the whole layering/dimensions thing was hard for me. Not to mention that supplies aren't exactly inexpensive. When I finally sat down to put my feeble scrapbooking skills to work, it took a long time to crop trim, cut, paste even simple layouts. I made my last scrapbook pages my senior year of high school - more than a decade ago!

The amount of time I spend keeping my pictures organized on my computer is about all the time I have for memory keeping any more. Which makes me the perfect candidate for Project Life. Project life is a super simplified way to keep your pictures together in great looking scrapbooks without a lot of work Or scissors, special glue, fancy tools, or SKILLS - which is good. As scissors are the only thing on that list that I have.

In about the time you could spend updating your Facebook status, you can put together an easy, cute scrapbook layout. Kids can get in on the action, too. Check out this layout that my three year old son made. My three year old. The only thing I helped with was writing what he told me on one of the cards. Seriously, people, if a three year old can pull off a cute scrapbook layout you can definitely do this.


  • Large photo album
  • Project Life Layout Sheets
  • Project Life Cards (I'm using the Vintage Travel Core Kit)
  • Pen
  • Photos


Step 1: Choose
Project Life cards come in these great coordinating sets. I'm using the Vintage Travel Core Kit but there is also an absolutely adorable Dear Lizzy 5th and Frolic Core Kit which uses an array of light blues, pinks, greens, yellows and airy neutrals. The kits are great because everything is automatically coordinated for you. Go ahead and pick out some of your favorite cards and photos.

Step 2: Insert
Slide your cards and photos into the sleeves. If you'd like, use your pen to jot down a short note about the moment you are capturing. If you're in a hurry, maybe just note the date.

Once your cards and photos are in your sleeves, add them to the album. 

That's it!

A scrapbooking tutorial with only two steps? I told you this was easy!

Where to Find It:
Michaels carries one of the largest selections of Project Life supplies, including two exclusive core kits (the vintage travel kit I'm using is one of them!) and several exclusive albums.   

Other things you can do with Project Life:
Some of my bloggy friends have also made some pretty awesome projects with their Project Life supplies - including some things totally not scrapbook related! Check them out:

I love it when craft supplies can multi-task! Not to mention that I LOVE the box the cards come in. It is sturdy and has a magnetic closure. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has a thing for nice boxes.

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  1. Beautifully done! I love the streamlined approach of Project Life, and am inspired by all of the other ideas you shared for using the cards!


  2. What gorgeous papers and patterns! I love it! I need to get my hands on one of these Project Life kits!

  3. I adore Project Life products! The paper is so pretty and it's such a simple system! I love your layouts, and thanks for the ideas for other things you can do with the paper!


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